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Fallout 4 Tenpines Bluff building.

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    Fallout 4

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    Fallout 4 Tenpines Bluff building.

    I am seriously hooked on this game, and not for the story line. Its fun and challenging to improve the settlements you discover, and try and help, improve, or just plain create from a wreck. Some have asked about Tenpines Bluff. Is it worth helping them? How do you do so? What I did was to always use the nicest looking materials available in your build menus. I don’t use walls, or roofs that look just thrown together. I guess you can say, I take the game more literally and equate it to real life, if I were to build something from scrap materials. I try to use steel walls, roofs, then, if these pieces don’t fit automatically, usually on corners, switch to wood walls at that spot, which usually auto fit where steel sometimes will not. Also, when you use a balcony section, be sure to put the small side walls on before you add wall sections to each side of it. If you place steel walls on each side of the balcony before adding the end caps, they won’t "snap in" place until you remove the steel full wall section. Store it in the bench, then go back. Wood walls sections don’t have this issue. Weird.

    In the case of Tenpines Bluff. My first, early build was a slapped together shack directly behind there existing one, but it was awkward, did not fit well, and created a lot of steps to add. I ended up scrapping that, and using concrete foundation flooring in the wood menu, set that up on the back hillside, behind their original house. I use at least ten foundations, two rows of five. Make a second story in each house too. You have a floor and step combination in the wood floor menu you can use in place of a foundation section. I use the metal doorway in the steel walls menu which makes a nice porch, the door recessed into the wall, and it also creates an overhang that attaches to the front edge of the foundation. One wood rail and wa-la. You have a porch, so if the door opens outward, it doesn’t throw you off the steps.

    Yes, Tenpines is worth building, as are all of them. You just have to look at some real life hillside houses and how they create and set foundations. Be imaginative. The settlers of any place seem happiest with decorations, and items that feel more like the comforts of a home, along with enough defense, food, water and power At least twice the population of the settlement is what I found works Just be sure you set the foundations high enough when you do set them, so the hillside doesn’t invade the wall space of the house. Leave a little room behind the house to not go outside the build area, in case you need to add, say, a generator for power. Make sure its wide enough that if your character has to walk there, they don’t leave the build area and trigger the automatic ejection from the build function. If I can, I will try and add screen shots later.

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