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Fallout 4 – Fiddling around the edges doesn’t bring this game to 2015

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    Fallout 4

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    Fallout 4 – Fiddling around the edges doesn’t bring this game to 2015

    You used to be able to forgive the faults of this game mechanic. Not anymore.

    What other game allows you to shoot someone in the head 3-5 times? Only Fallout 4 rewards you for modding your equipment to have good range, accuracy and a scope, find a nice clear shot in a dark place in the distance, line up your shot perfectly and then rain down 1+ headshots and 2+ bodyshots and still have the character locate you, run over and kill you in melee? We get it, you started off with RPG dice mechanics. But why not let simple physics intrude now and then?!?!?! Noone who’s been shot in the head doesn’t at least runaway or fall down a little! If you don’t want us playing the game in sniper mode then don’t put sights etc into the game so early.

    I could forgive this in New Vegas and all the DLC for it because the story was so amusing and original that you knew you weren’t playing a FPS. Fallout 4 has downgraded all that storytelling into a f**king mundane SIM. STOP USING BETTER GAME ENGINES TO FIDDLE AROUND THE EDGES OF THE GAME! Everyone appreciates better graphics sure. But what about NPCs that are capable of feeding themselves or being assigned a simple task like "go get all the f**king scrap in the area for me!" What about using all that space for more plot options?

    We’ve all had out chance to join the Brotherhood before. It’s not the first thing I want to do in this game. We’ve all had the chance to join something like the Minutemen too. The alternative is what? Make house with a series of uninspired, nothing characters?

    The grind of trying to shoot things with one of the worst shooting engines ever invented was always quite gripping when I actually cared about the world and the characters. But now I’m playing a mum/father looking for their son. VOMIT. You could not come up with a more shoe leather plotline. The storyline was what made those early hours of the game so rewarding. Now the first thing I notice is that swarming enemies force me into the same old pattern of gaming the landscape to lure the AI into ambushes. I don’t want to spend more hours doing that. If you are going to make every non-human gun toting foe have the exact same swarming behaviour then give is a broader range of melee options. A roll, a wide/swinging melee attack that allows us to find where the swarming opponents are! SOMETHING, ANYTHING to make the hours of fighting more engaging and rewarding!

    I would seriously have preferred another DLC for New Vegas ON THE OLD ENGINE more than this game. It had 1000% more humour and imagination BUT it was also a lot more intriguing and moving. F++k you Bethesda.

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