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Danger lurks around every turn

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    Far Cry 5

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Danger lurks around every turn

    When I first saw the trailer for Far Cry 5, Ubisoft caught my attention. A game that is set in fictional Hope County Montana which is the first Far Cry game to take place in the United States. Your mission is simple try to defeat a mysterious cult led by Joseph Seed. At first, I thought the game wasn’t going to be for me because I played a little bit of Far Cry 4 but didn’t finish it due to boredom. However, I decided to give the game a shot anyway. After playing Far Cry 5, the game does some great things but also has some issues. Though, if you are a fan of the series, you will enjoy it.


    The story of Far Cry 5 is inconsistent but has entertaining moments. During the Prologue your created character, Sheriff Whitehorse and US Marshalls are on the way to arrest Joseph Seed. Seed is the leader of a deranged Christian cult and Seed believes that he is a prophet. At first, the mission sounded straight forward, arrest a man that is making terroristic threats towards the residents of Hope County. Though, Sheriff Whitehorse had a different feeling about the mission. He tries to convince us that Seed is extremely dangerous, and we should abandon the mission. His plea falls on deaf ears however and we proceed to land at Seed’s compound. As we enter the church, we see Seed giving a homily and claims that he foresaw our arrival. I ignored his prophecy and gladly put him in cuffs when I was told. Seed doesn’t resist which surprised me and we led him out of the church back to the helicopter. At this point, I knew something was wrong and my gut was right. As we are flying in the helicopter we are hit and crash into the wilderness as the screen fades to black.

    Next thing I know is that my character is awoken in a bunker by a man named Dutch. Dutch informs me that Seed has taken the crew hostage and has given them to his ¡°family¡±. They are Faith Seed, Jacob Seed and John Seed. Each one of them owns territory in Hope County. Dutch tells me that once I defeat them and rescue my crew, I will be able to encounter Joseph Seed.

    The story does a fantastic job of setting up the environments especially when you encounter Faith Seed. I felt that her cutscenes were believable and to be honest she was attractive. The plot has a few plot twists especially the ending which is influenced by choices made throughout the game. The choices are not as in depth as Witcher 3 but it gives the story a little variety.

    The issues I have with the plot is that Seed’s cult is not realistic. The US government would never allow a cult to take over federal property. The game creates a poor reason for why the government does not interfere with Seed. Another issue is that the whole Christian theme is overdone. At first, it feels fresh and interesting but becomes annoying when you’re in the middle to late sections of the game. The plot tries to create interesting allies, but I didn’t feel like I created any relationships. It tries to create a relationship with my character and Sheriff Whitehorse, but it felt like I was helping him more than he was helping me. The only character I was mainly focused on was Joseph Seed and arresting him no matter the consequences.


    Far Cry 5 keeps the same formula from other titles in the series. You can run, jump, fly, swim, surf and climb your way around Hope County. I found myself driving around Hope County in my pickup truck the most while running over cultists and wildlife. Hunting is an essential part of the game because the skins you get from animals increases your inventory, health etc. Compounds are included and each time you clear one your allies can take control of it. Once that happens, you can fast travel to that location which makes life extremely easier in later parts of the game.

    The combat is enjoyable, and action packed. Every corner you turn there is danger. I never felt truly safe in Hope County expect when I was on the outskirts but even then, I was occasionally attacked by a bear. Gunplay is crisp and feels kind of realistic. My main loadout was using an AC-R, 1911 pistol and a Compound Bow. I used sticky grenades and C4 as well because I enjoyed throwing them onto the cult’s vehicles as they drove past me. I used the bow when I want to be stealthy and was able to snipe a couple of cultists while hiding in the bushes near the compound.

    My favorite part of the game were the Clutch Nixon missions. In these missions you complete various stunts around Hope County in different types of vehicles. I felt like Evil Kenevil in the ATV mission because you do these insane jumps off cliffs that in real life would almost kill me.

    You can also bring companions along with you during your quest. They kind of act like companions in Skyrim where they help you in combat and each companion has their own unique skill. For example, Nick can fly his plane around while dropping bombs on the enemies while Jess can hide in the bushes and uses her bow to snipe enemies.


    I played Far Cry 5 on PC on mostly ultra-settings. Hope County is beautiful and vibrant. The trees moved with the breeze while wildlife roamed the landscape. The sun provided rays through the branches in the forest which created some gorgeous environments. Water was reflective, crisp and even had fish in it that you could catch.

    I believe I had only one crash in my 41 hours of gameplay. The game was optimized exceptionally and the only times I had any FPS drops was when a ton of action was on the screen which is common. Ubisoft did a good job in their optimization and they should be given some recognition.


    The music in Far Cry 5 does a good job in creating the atmosphere. The soundtracks where you are face to face with Joseph Seed help illustrate how dangerous and insane he is. My favorite track in the game is Clutch Nixon track which is played during special missions. That song was stuck in my head for a few days after completing the game.


    Far Cry 5 is a game where you will have a lot of action for your buck. However, while there is a lot of action in Hope County it doesn’t keep you interested after you complete the campaign. During my playthrough, I felt that the game needed more worthy side missions. Yes, there are side missions, but they are more like chores than meaningful missions. I did enjoy Joseph Seed as an antagonist even if he over did the religious speech.

    If you are a fan of the series, I recommend picking it up. It’s still Far Cry at its core but with some quality of life improvements. There is action and danger around every corner. Just remember to say a prayer before you set foot in Joseph Seed’s church.



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