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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – Cheats

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    • 100+ Lives [PS4 Trilogy; v1.01]

      In all three Crash games, it is possible to obtain more than 100 lives.
      First, obtain 99 lives. Then, obtain 99 wumpa fruit. Leave the level.
      The game somehow gives you another one wumpa fruit once you return to the map/warp room, and boosts your life count by one. Keep doing this for infinite lives past 99.

      This is the first time this has worked in Warped.

    Crash Bandicoot Cheats


    • Level Passwords (PS1 Version Only)

      At the password screen, enter the following:

      Effect Password
      Access All Levels Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, X, X, X
      Boulders – 9% Complete Triangle(3), X, Circle, Square, X(3), Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, X(3), Circle, X, Square, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Circle.
      Castle Machinery – 80% complete Triangle(2), X, Triangle(2), X, Circle, X, Circle, X, Triangle(2), Square, X, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square(2), Circle, X(2), Square(2).
      Castle Machinery at 85% completion Triangle(3), X, Circle, Square, Triangle(2), Circle, X(4), Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, X(3), Square, Triangle(2), Square
      Dr. Nitrus Brio – 70% Complete Triangle(2), Circle, X, Square, X, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, X, Square, Triangle, X(3), Square, Triangle, X, X, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle.
      Generator Room at 56% completion Triangle(2), Square, X, Square, X, Circle(2), Triangle, Circle, Triangle(3), Square, Triangle(2), Square, X, Square, Circle(2), Square(2), Circle
      Heavy Machinery – 45% Complete Triangle(2), Square(2), Triangle(2), Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, X, Circle, Square(2),X(2), Square(2).
      Heavy Machinery at 50% completion Triangle(3), Square, X, Circle(3), Square, Circle(2), X(2), Square, Circle(2), Triangle, X, Square(2), Triangle(2), Square(2)
      Jungle Rollers – 3% Complete Triangle(2), Circle, X(2), Circle, Triangle(2), Square, X, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle(2), Square(2), Circle, Triangle, X(2), Triangle(2), X.
      Level 13, Temple Ruins, No Gems and 27% Complete X, circle, X, circle, circle, X, square, circle
      Level 17, Koala Kong, No Gems, and 36% Complete X, circle, circle, circle, X, square, X, square
      Level 7, Rolling Stones, No Gems and 13% Complete X, square, X, circle, X, square, triangle, X
      N.Sanity Beach – 1% Complete Triangle(2), Square, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, X, Square, X, Circle, Square, Circle, X, Square(3),Circle(2), X, Triangle (3), Circle.
      Native Fortress – 21% Complete Triangle(2), Circle, Square, Triangle(2), Circle, X, Circle, Sqaure, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Sqaure, X(2), Circle, Square(2), Circle, Square
      Pinstripe at 63% completion Triangle(2), Square, Triangle, Circle(2), Triangle, Square(2), Triangle(2), X(2), Square, X, Triangle, X(2), Square, Circle, Triangle(2), Square(2)
      Ripper Roo – 26% Complete Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, X, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Circle(4), Triangle, Circle(3), X,Cirle, Square, Circle.
      Skip to Third Island Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, O, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Triangle, O, Square, O, X, Triangle, Triangle, O, Square, X, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle
      Slippery Climb – 68% complete Triangle(2), X(2), Square, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle(2), Square, Triangle(2), X, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle, X, Square(4).
      Slippery Climb at 75% completion Triangle(3), Circle, Triangle(2), Circle(2), Triangle, X, Square, X, Circle(2), Square, X, Square(2), Triangle, Circle, Square(3), Circle
      Start at Neo Cortex with 67% complete Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle.
      Start with half of the levels completed. Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle Circle, X, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Circle, X, Square, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle
      Sunset Vista – 42% Complete Triangle(4), X, Circle(2), Square,Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square(3), Circle, X, Circle, Triangle(2), Circle.
      Temple Ruins – 31% Complete Triangle(5), Square, Triangle, Circle(2), Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle(2), Circle(3),X, Square, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle.
      The Lab – 87% Complete Triangle(3), Square, X(2), Circle, X(2), Square, Circle, X(4), Circle, Square, Triangle, Square, Circle(2), Square(2), Triangle.
      The Lab at 95% completion Triangle(3), Square, Circle, Square, X(2), Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle(2), Square, Circle, X(2), Square, Triangle, Square(2), Circle(2), X
      The Lab at 98% completion (all but one gem) Triangle(3), Square, Circle, Square, X(2), Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, X, Circle, X, Circle, Square(2), Circle, Square, X(2)
      You will have 11% completion Square, Square, X, Square, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle
      You will have 13% completion X, Square, X, Circle, X, Square, Triangle, X
      You will have 18% completion Square, Square, Triangle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Triangle
      You will have 2% completion Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square,
      You will have 22% completion Circle, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, X, X, X
      You will have 27% completion X, Circle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Square, Circle
      You will have 36% completion X, Circle, Circle, Circle, X, Square, X, Square,
      You will have 38% completion Square, Square, X, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, X


    • Alternate Ending

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Alternate Ending Jump across the Great Hall once you have all of the gems.
    • Coloured gems

      Get perfect on certain levels to unlock special coloured gems. To get perfect, you must clear a level with all crates smashed and no lives lost. Levels not on the list below give you normal clear gems.

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Blue Gem Perfect on Toxic Waste
      Green Gem Perfect on The Lost City
      Orange Gem Perfect on Generator Room
      Purple Gem Perfect on Lights Out
      Red Gem Perfect on Slippery Climb
      Yellow Gem Perfect on The Lab
    • Secret Levels

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Fumbling In The Dark Get key from Cortex Bonus Round in Jaws Of Darkness
      Whole Hog Get key from Cortex Bonus Round in Sunset Vista

    Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Cheats


    • Bonus Video (Japanese Version Only)

      Hold Left + Circle + L1 + R1 when the PlayStation logo appears.


    • Get extra items

      Find an arrow box and jump on it 200 – 299 times and then jump on top of an enemy and you get extra crystals. Jump on it 300 – 399 times and then jump on top of an enemy and you get extra gems. This can give you a total of 64 crystals and gems.

    • Get more than 99 lives

      To make this glitch work, get 99 lives and enter a level. Break a life box/get 100 apples, and when the Crash symbol goes to the upper part of the screen, and starts to move towards your remaining lives, press Start and return to the Warp Room. You’ll have 100 lives. Repeat this to get more lives.

    • More time in race levels

      In the levels where you must race against a clock for a gem (Hang Eight and Plant Food), it is possible to get more time. With the clock running, enter the bonus area. As soon as you are there, purposely fail by jumping off the side of a platform. When you respawn in the level, the clock will have restarted with even more time than in the beginning of the race.


    • View Secret Ending

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Secret Ending Get 100% Complete


    • Bonus Level

      In the "Unbearable" level, wait until the second polar bear falls off the bridge then jump down after it to enter a bonus level.

    • Extra Lives

      In the second world, walk over to the polar bear. Jump on him, and keep jumping. Eventually you will get approx. 20 free lives.

    • Find Secret Area in Snow Go

      Go to Level 7: Air Crash. When you get to the area with the boxes in the water, instead of taking the vehicle, do some dangerous jumps across the water to jump onto the platform. It will take you to a hidden area in Snow Go!

    • Go To Hidden Area in Air Crash

      To go to a secret area in Air Crash, go to Level 13: Bear Down. Get through the level, and after the bear kicks you off, jump back across the small platforms. When your feet touch the large platform, you are instantly transported to a secret area in Air Crash.

    • Go to level 26 – a secret stage

      Ride the bear in level 15 until you get thrown off at the end of the level. Now, make a long jump in order to go back across the chasm and to go back to the bear in order to warp to the secret stage of level 26.

    • Go To Level 27

      At Level 16, Hangin’ Out, around where you get the crystal, go wade through the water into a little secret hole. Jump on a platform in the middle and you will be instantly taken to a hidden level.

    • Return to Boss Stages

      Stand Crash on the Centre platform and press all shoulder buttons (L1, R1, L2, R2) and triangle and press up when Crash points up to fight that boss of the warp room.

      Note: You can only do this for bosses you have beaten

    • Secret Area in Level 14: Road To Ruin

      To access a secret area in Level 14: Road To Ruin, go to Level 17: Diggin’ It. Towards the end of the level, you’ll see a seed-spitting plant on a round platform. Belly-flop the plant to be warped to the secret warp room, where you can access the secret leg of Road to Ruin.

    • Skip first level

      If you skip the first cutscene, you won’t have to play the first level, you’ll just go straight to the first Warp Room.

    Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Cheats


    • Bonus Video (Japanese Release Only)

      Hold Down + Triangle + L1 + R2 when the PlayStation logo appears.

    • Spyro the Dragon Demo

      Effect Code
      Spyro the Dragon Demo At the main menu press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square


    • Avoid the Lions During The Tiny the Tiger Fight

      When fighting Tiny, he will sometimes summon lions from the gates in the colosseum. If you stand in the very top-left corner of the arena, you’ll avoid being damaged – the lions will run through you.

      This glitch does not work in the N. Sane Trilogy remaster; if you attempt this, you can still be hurt, and the crowd throws cheese at you for having attempted this.

    • Maintain Jump Combo Counter

      In this game, if you chain together jumps – which can be on boxes or enemies – and certain jumps are on enemies, you can get special rewards. For example, your 5th jump, if it’s on an enemy, will give you an extra life. However, you can maintain your invisible jump combo counter even if you hit the ground – the combo only resets if Crash is in his walking/standing animations. Thus, if you spin just before you hit the ground, and jump before you stop spinning, you can maintain your counter. This can useful in particular if you try to chain 200+ jumps together to get Crystals and other items (there’s an guide in the FAQs with more in-depth details on this item glitch).

    • Start With All Power-Ups

      After booting the game, wait at the title screen for the demo to start. Shortly before the game shows the demo of Bye Bye Blimps, begin holding Triangle. After the demo begins you will be in control of Coco. From here, pause and exit the level, and you will appear in the middle of the warp room (as if you had began a new game) with all the power ups.
      Note: If you finish Bye Bye Blimps, you will be ejected in the fourth warp room, but the force field in front of the hallway will still be in place, trapping you there.


    • Alternate Ending

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Alternate Ending Beat Cortex with 44 gems and 30 Sapphire or better relics.
    • Fireworks Show and 45th Gem

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Fireworks Show and 45th Gem Collect 30 Gold Relics, then talk to Coco next to the Load/Save screen.


    • Hidden Level Eggipus Rex

      To access the hidden level, Eggipus Rex, go to Dino Might and take the Yellow Gem Path to the secret area. While being chased, let the second pterodactyl attack you. Instead of killing you, it will carry you off to this secret level.

    • Secret Level – Level 31 Hot Coco

      In world 14 (Road Crash) keep your eye on the left side of the screen as you race. There will be a yellow sign with an alien head on it. Crash into that sign and you will be warped to a Hidden Level.

    Area/Level Hints

    • Turbo on all Motorcycle Levels

      In any motorcycle level you play, wait until the second red light lights up. Then press and hold X and you should do a wheelie when the race starts. This way, you will start off with a boost!

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