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Biased critics took a vote, and panned this superb light-gun game

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    Blue Estate

    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless

    Biased critics took a vote, and panned this superb light-gun game

    This game is unique for its competent use of the sensor on the back of the PS4 controller. The tv screen picks up your movements, so you can aim accurately and without hassles by moving the controller just like a real light-gun. It works well. You’re not able to move your cursor with the sticks in any way.

    You’re not able to skip past cutscenes (in story mode), but they also don’t last long, and upon replaying you can skip them. Enemies take two hits to kill unless you perform a headshot. This works well difficulty-wise, at least on normal mode (there are three modes in all, and the two besides normal are harder). I assume enemies might require more shots in the harder difficulties. There’s an arcade mode which you can download for free from the PSN store. However, you need to unlock the stages in arcade mode, and you need to unlock the hardest difficulty.

    In normal mode you have 4 health bars to rely on. The health bar decreases slowly if you’re hit, and you’re not hit every single attempt, because the AI is average in this game on normal. You have 9 shots with your gun until you must reload, which takes a moderate amount of time to reload. Ammo is infinite (unless you pick up a shotgun, which has limited ammo). You can replenish health at some junctures in the game’s 8 story stages (with 7 arcade stages). If you remember the enemies in Virtual Cop for Sega Saturn who throw explosives at you, you’ll be glad to know you can deflect anything that’s thrown at you in this game right back at the person who threw it. Your cursor changes to red when an enemy is in sight (unless you have a secondary gun). You can destroy cat statues in the background for extra points to your high score. Even if you pick up a secondary gun, you can always switch back to your primary gun. The cursor is large, meaning hit register works well and good.

    There’s a couch coop mode, but the game is also fully playable on single-player.

    This game’s architecture is built with Unreal Engine, for fans of that architecture. With the press of a button, you can reposition the cursor to the center of the screen at any time, in case you put the controller down. You WON’T need to reposition it otherwise. Some comments about ammo: when you respawn from death, your gun is full. By covering, when cover is available to you, you autoreload.

    Blue Estate has great camera physics. If you see a video of it, you’ll think the player is moving manually, when in fact the whole game is on a rail. Even though this is an early PS4 game, the graphics are smooth and they look pretty. You can lower sound FX. Everything considered, this is a competent game that should get credit for doing things right, and a hidden gem if you like the light-gun genre.

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