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    Forza Horizon 3

    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless


    This is my first review. I’ll start by saying EVERY review out there is favorable. And for good reason. So this’ll be no different. Forza horizon (for those who don’t know) is a hybrid of sorts. Its open world, part sim, part arcade. Its not as "point n go" as a game like say, ridge racer. If you just mash the gas from a start in a high powered car, you’ll spin the tires and slowly creep forward until your car catches grip. Ideally, you wanna learn how to control your rpms. But its not totally required, unless shaving tenths’ of a second off your drag time is your goal. Steering is also a little more touchy than an arcade game. You cant just flick your car around the corners willy nilly and expect to drift a pro….at least not without practice. Otherwise you’ll spin out, or smack right into a tree. Then there’s the tuning aspect of if that can further manipulate the handling/power properties of your car.

    Now I know that all sounds harsh to a casual player just looking to relax with a few laps, but heres where the game shines. Its real appeal: You can control different assists to create a more arcade like experience. Everything from traction control (to reduce those annoying rolling burnouts), to abs, to transmission type. You can even control the difficulty of drivatars (the ai competition) . Now, accordingly, rewards such as credits and xp are lowered, but like the past horizon games, xp and cr are regularly thrown at you. But the reward going up for difficulty going up is a good incentive to become a better driver. Id suggest turning off assists a little at a time to get used to its effects. Or, if your a seasoned racer, you can dive right in to fine tuning after taking off all assists.

    Either way, its really the game that you create. Now on to the usual stuff.

    Graphics: The detail is phenomenal! There’s alotta small touches that really impressed me. Like how if your pov is the driver, it’ll show your driver shifting. (but for some reason, doesn’t show honking). Also the glow of the rotors after a hard race. Crazy! Of course there’s the sky. Best in any game ive seen. Sunsets/rises, storms, fog, all top notch. Oh yeah, the car models aren’t too shabby either. For Xbox one hardware, I’m giving a 9/10

    Sound/music: Effort has obviously been put into the sound department. I don’t own a fleet of exotics, but I generally know what a v8, v6 , v10, turbo, etc…sound like. And man, some of these cars SCREAM. good stuff. Music? Not as good as fh2, but it gets the job done. I only listen to hospital, pulse, and classical. 9/10

    Gameplay: I think ive already covered that lol

    Replayability: It’s a car game with a ton of cars. Of course you’ll wanna fill.your garage with all your favorites. Add the fact that there’s so many in the base game, plus new ones are always added…your favorites are bound to keep changing for a while. Plus, the online community is pretty strong. 10/10

    Overall, I give a 10/10…*in the race genre. Why that specification? Because there isn’t a game that scratches all my itches. GTA comes close, but its really a bundle of mediocrity when you separate all of the different aspects like racing, stealth, shooting, etc..

    Playground/turn 10 have really outdone themselves. Bravo!

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