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Battlefield 1 Review: (A Thrilling Blast)

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    Battlefield 1

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    Battlefield 1 Review: (A Thrilling Blast)

    Battlefield 1 is a great new Battlefield game. It feels classic and epic like previous Battlefield games yet introduces new and improved features that fit well into its World War 1 setting.

    Starting off, we have campaign. Battlefield 1 surprised me this year with its great and fun campaign. This year round, you play 6 different stories from different soldiers around the world. Each story feels different in special ways. The first (The introduction) puts you in the middle of a losing battle. It’s action packed and feels realistic, as you know you can’t win. The second allows you to take control of a new soldier, controlling a tank with a smaller crew. It’s a story of hope and the tank gameplay is much different from the other stories. The third allows you to play as a cocky pilot who ends up making a friend. This story was great as the characters were likeable, the character transformation was amazing and the gameplay was fun and epic! The fourth allows you to play as an Italian soldier reminiscing on his past. It’s a story of sadness and is also different in gameplay as you become a sentry, moving through the mountains. The fifth allows you to play as an experienced Aussie soldier, tasked with training a new soldier. Once again, the characters are likable and the transformations are amazing. The gameplay is more traditional which is nice. The sixth and final story allows you to play as an Arab assassin working with Laurence of Arabia. The story is pretty good but the gameplay is really fun and tactical. It revolves around stealth and scouting out enemies. All in all, the campaign is really fun and varied. It was a really nice surprise and was definitely worth my time!

    Once again, Battlefield 1’s multiplayer does not disappoint. Classic Gamemodes like teak Deathmatch, Rush and Conquest all return whilst new Gamemodes such as Operations are introduced. Each Gamemode is fun and feels different from one another. Wether you want massive epic battles or chaotic smaller fights, everything is there for you. The guns are also varied and all require pretty good skill, with none being too easy to use. Whilst there aren’t too many guns, all feel different from one another. Guns also have variants. Variants change from being automatic versions of semi automatic rifles to silenced versions of light machine guns. Whilst they are little changes, they are enough. Classes are also back and include: Assault, Medic, Support and Scout. Assault is a close ranged, vehicle killer. It was shotguns and sub machine guns along with explosive anti vehicle weapons. Medic is a medium ranged, healer. It has semi automatic rifles along with items to keep your team alive. Support is a medium ranged, team supporter. It has light machine guns and items to help your teammates. It also has a few killing items. The scout is a long ranged sniping class. It has snipers along with some spotting items and trap items. Each class feels wildly different and has multiple gadgets to vary your playstyle. All classes are pretty well balanced however support feels a little bit behind, luckily DICE is balancing out weapons and classes. The vehicles this year are also varied from one another and all require skill to be good with. Within each type of vehicle, there are multiple versions of it. For example, the light tank is a smaller tank that only requires one player to control it however it’s not as armoured, whereas the heavy tank is larger and requires multiple players to be successful, yet it can take much more damage. This allows players to have much more options in gameplay. Finally, there are a few more new things. For example, when you are killed, you have the option to skip right back to the map or to wait a bit longer for a medic to revive. You. Whilst this is a bad change for medic players, it’s helpful if you quickly want to change your class. Along with that, on the death screen it tells you if a medic is nearby. This can help to make your decision on wether to skip revive or not. Overall, Multiplayer is very fun this year and varied too.

    Overall, Battlefield 1 is a very fun and fleshed out game. It has many ways of play and has a great campaign and multiplayer to play. Whilst there are a few bugs and some balanced problems, it’s overall very well built and is smoothe to play. Much needed.


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