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An underrated fighter

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    Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    An underrated fighter

    Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul is the sequel to the underrated SS game Brave Soldiers. It includes all the characters from the first game and adds an entire new arc of characters. Let me say this game is incredibly underrated, as it is my favorite fighting game of all time. When my gamecube broke, I stayed without playing able to play Smash Bros Melee, and all that I got was Ultra Street Fighter IV. But when I got Soldiers Soul, my life changed. USF4 Is a boring traditional 2D fighter which gets old very quickly, but not Soldiers’ Soul. SS feels like the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm in terms of camera and style of combat, except that there is no item-throwing in the SS game, actually, it’s almost a hack & slash without swords.

    This anime inspired fighting game replaced Smash Bros for me and I really love it. Now including all characters from the 12 houses, Poseidon arc and the Hades characters from the previous game, it now includes the Asgardian God Warriors from the filler of the television anime. All Asgard warriors are here plus Polaris Hilda herself. The game is more complete than ever, with 72 characters plus alternative costumes. There are Thor, Fenrir, Hagen, Mime, Alberich, Cyd, Bud and Siegfried, all of them plus their powerful moves.

    Gameplay is a bit cheap like the first game, characters like Shun and Hades are extremely broken, and can beat enemies with just one button inputs. But others like Seiya, take harder to beat enemies. After unlocking all characters through a tiresome adventure mode, you can do all types of matchups. Soldier Soldiers is a bit like Smash Bros, like all characters have a preset button command to input and plus there’s the cinematic specials. For example, pressing UP+Triangle you can use Mime’s harp to attack your enemy like he did in the show against Andromeda Shun. L2 plus Circle unleashes the character’s most powerful move and can beat the enemy in one hit if its HP is low. There is the "bakoom" fiinish mode when you beat an enemy out of the arena, like in SSB. Bakoom happens when you beat the enemy without him having his HP bar empty, given after a powerful blow.

    Overall, Soldiers Soul is the best fighting game I have played and the most underrated too, if you are in Brazil, the game is entirely dubbed in Portuguese, but if you are an English speaker, there are subtitles and menus in English available. Overall, I think Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul is a Smash Brothers with Saint Seiya characters, if you loved Brave Soldiers, you will love Soldiers’ Soul.

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