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A Unique Mix of Nostalgia and Modern Gameplay

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    Super Mario Odyssey

    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless

    A Unique Mix of Nostalgia and Modern Gameplay


    Super Mario Odyssey is a 3D Platformer developed and published by Nintendo and released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in October of 2017

    Gameplay: 10/10

    Super Mario Odyssey plays like a charm. The Switch’s joycons and the game’s controls go together like butter on toast. You have your standard things, like running and jumping but now Mario has a new sidekick! His cap who is named ‘Cappy’ assists Mario by possessing anything that Mario throws him on. This allows for many new gameplay types with familiar enemies and even some new ones that you can control. You can also use Cappy as a platform to jump off, to chain wall jumps and get to high areas. You can also do flips, spin jump and even roll as a ball. The boss fights are your usual jump on enemies heads 3 times to win the fight, but some of them like the King of Darkness and Bowser fight are unique as they are fought differently to the other enemies and bosses. You collect moons in the locations that you travel to, the more moons, the better! Some of the moons are very easy to collect but some are challenging. There are many control types that you can use, the game recommends that you play with detached joy cons and that’s how I played. The game has motion controls that you can use, and for the most part, they were actually really well implemented. There was no controller lag at all. You can also use the pro controller, the joycons attached to the controller add-on, or in handheld mode. Overall, the gameplay in Super Mario Odyssey is phenomenal.

    Story: 7/10

    The story in this game is your usual ‘Bowser kidnaps Peach, now Mario has to save Peach’ affair but Bowser has also kidnapped Cappy’s love interest. Mario and Cappy have a ship called the ‘Odyssey’ which they use to travel around the world to look for moons, which they can use to upgrade the Odyssey. You meet characters, some old, some new who help you on your journey and their inclusions are all great. All of the areas you travel to throughout the story are all well-made, and they make the story very enjoyable to play through. There’s really nothing more to say about the story, so I’ll end this section.

    Graphics/Sound: 10/10

    The graphics and sound in this game are nothing short of perfect, the graphics are very nice to look at, whether you’re playing the game on your TV or in the handheld mode. The sound effects and music are amazing as well. Every sound effect is well made and they all fit the game perfectly. The song ‘Jump up, Superstar’, is my favourite song from any game released this year. The areas in the game are all extremely beautiful to look at and play/mess around in. All of the character models and effects look great as well, there are no graphical glitches or errors that happened in my playthrough.

    Play Time/Replayability: 10/10

    I completed Super Mario Odyssey in around 8-10 hours and I loved every second of the game. When you are playing the game for the first time, you have so much to do and it feels great doing all of it. When you finish the game you unlock a secret world that I won’t reveal for the sake of spoilers, but it’s the reason why I put the nostalgia part in the review’s title. There will be a whole lot of moons, old and new for you to collect after you finish the game. I got the game on launch day, and am still playing it today, that’s how much stuff there is to do. If you like finding glitches, you’ll be in for a treat looking for them all while playing the game. You can dress Mario in different outfits, so you can keep playing until you unlock and maybe even buy them all. There are a lot of extra challenges and hidden unlockables to keep you coming back for more.

    Final Recommendation: 10/10

    I bought this game for full price and it was definitely worth the money I spent on it. I love this game with all my heart as it is a wonderful journey with some Nintendo flair. I would wholeheartedly recommend buying this game, even for full price. If you receive it as a gift, then you better thank the person who bought it for you! The game isn’t that hard to find, but for whatever reason, if you are having trouble finding it, you should definitely try to find it, it’ll be worth the wait. I would give this game a 5/5 and it’s my game of the year!

    Rating:   5.0 – Flawless

    Product Release: Super Mario Odyssey (AU, 10/27/17)

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