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A surprisingly fantastic game

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    Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    A surprisingly fantastic game

    If you had told me just half a year ago a Mario and Rabbids crossover would be an amazing game, I would call you crazy. But somehow this crazy crossover happens to be one of my favorite games of all time

    While the gameplay seems simple, and is fairly simple to learn, there is so much strategy involved with the combat system. Basically, you control 3 of 8 characters, Mario, Peach, Luigi, Yoshi, or their Rabbid counterparts. Each have their own strengths and weakness, such as Luigi having horribly low HP but has great space movement. The combat plays sort of like a board game, with each character being moved a certain number of spaces each round, and attacking enemies in range. As I said, there is SO MUCH strategy involved, and I can find myself sometimes taking up to 10 minutes on A SINGLE TURN

    Nothing major, basically the Rabbids use a washing machine and find their way into a lab of an inventor who is also a Mario fan, using one of the inventors inventions, the Rabbids find themselves combining with many things from the Mario world and eventually finding their way into the mushroom kingdom. And instead of saving peach, this time Mario must save the entire mushroom kingdom

    Difficulty (Just as a note I am NOT rating this category based on how hard the game is, rather how fair and fun the challenge is)
    Let me tell you now, this game is HARD. Its no surprise that the game offers you an "Easy Mode" at the start of each level, increasing your teams HP by 50% and fully healing them. Even with easy mode the game is still very hard, however most of the time the reason you fail is because YOU made a mistake, allowing you to learn from your mistake and become better at the game, also the challenge this game offers is a FUN challenge, not one that makes you want to smash the controller, but one that actually feels good to beat.

    Graphics + Sound
    This game looks amazing, especially the occasional cut-scene. Occasionally the game lags but its rarely noticeable. The music is also good, with most of it being remixes of old Mario songs you will surely recognize if you are a long time fan.

    This game surprised me greatly. I got it expecting a decent game at best, but got an amazing and truly fun game. To recap everything, I give gameplay a 4/5, Story a 2/5, Difficulty, a 4/5 and Graphics + Sound a 4/5

    Rating:   4.5 – Outstanding

    Product Release: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (US, 08/29/17)

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