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A solid base hit up the middle…

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    MLB The Show 16

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    A solid base hit up the middle…

    I want to start off the bat and say MLB the Show 2016 is a good game, with a bunch of enjoyable baseball game play. With that said however, the series is at a point where I would have expected more. The yearly good reviews and praise has led to these expectations. This was my first experience with the Show since MLB the Show 2012. With 4 installments, I would have expected much more improvement and wow factor. MLB the Show 2016 has made strides, but I felt it has not made the improvements I would have expected over a four year span.

    There are several modes available to players. There is road to the show, franchise mode, diamond dynasty and various mini modes like home run derby. Like most sports games, I jumped into create a player to test it out followed by franchise mode. Create a player for the most part was sufficient, but the options were lacking when it came to shaping how your player looked. Selections for batting stance and pitching stances also felt limited. Franchise mode is where I mostly dabbled with. Franchise mode for the most part was fun, where it allowed me to accumulate stats over multiple seasons.

    As for the game play, the batting is pretty straight forward. You have power and normal swings. From there, you have to get the timing down to the put the ball into play. In addition to that, you also need to have good eye coordination to pick out good pitches to swing at. As hitting balls out of the strike zone makes it more difficult to get a hit even if you connect. Pitching on the other hand requires players to use a bar to specify the power and accuracy of the pitch. This adds a nice element to the game. Also players will have a variety of different pitches mapped out with different buttons.

    The presentation for the most part was decent. The commentating was pretty straight forward and nothing too exciting. The graphics felt a bit subpar for a PS4 game and it certainly did not provide much of a wow factor. With that said, the value for this game can be immense, as you can find yourself putting in many hours.

    MLB the Show 2016 is a good game, with lots to do. Unfortunately, I just wished they made more improvements over the years since I played the last one. It felt like I could stick with the old game and still have as much fun. I would suggest a rental to try it out first if you played previous versions. If you’re a newcomer, then I would say it is worth it.

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