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A Real Zombie Slayer

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    Dead Rising 3

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    A Real Zombie Slayer

    Xbox One, with its launch has brought a bunch of new experiences with it. Among several new releases, there was listed another sequel of Dead Rising, the Dead Rising 3. Developed by Capcom Vancouver and published by Microsoft Studios, the game is an exceptional blend of horror and comedy and offers almost similar basic play as its predecessors.

    Storyline: The scenario is based on a contagion, infecting people into Zombies. The military has planned to isolate the affected areas, and the territory has to be evacuated in the defined time. The main character is titled as Nick Ramos, who is looking for the path towards the Sanctuary. On his way to the endpoint, Nick comes across battles and fights with thousands of zombies. Although the rescuing aspect is not as furnished as in the previous games, Nick definitely finds many looking for the help. Zombies are yet the ones you will be slaughtering throughout your gameplay.

    Probe: The graphical edge is though not too advanced, the blue print discovery system adds much escapade to the experience. The game starts at a fictional city of California, called Los Perdidos, while gamers can wander around to explore further. A praiseworthy fact of this game is the instances, where hundreds of zombies confront you at the same time.

    Crafting Weapons: As the adventure rises with a threatening opposition by the hordes of undead, the players will also have the liberty to acquire more weapons and powers than ever before. Swords, axes, knives, guns, and grenades can inflict a serious amount of damage to your opponents. While, the crafting feature lets the gamers to create their own fighting stuff through their own imagination and creativeness. However, this specific feature was far more constrictive in the previous games of the same series. You would realize it while crafting on the fly, which was once done at the designated tables.

    Side Missions: Apart from the ‘run’ towards refuge being the focal theme of the game, users can pick on various side missions. Such missions are the tasks assigned by individuals, called as bosses. These bosses are the psychopaths with truly funny characters, losing their mental capacity in the zombie outbreak. On completing the tasks assigned by them, players are granted with PPs. PPs are vital for you, as they raise your level, rewarding you with skill points. You can add these points to any of your skills and make it more profound.

    Co Op: At last but not the least, the multiplayer experience has been advanced to a striking level in Dead Rising 3. Previously, multiple users had their own zonal limitations. However, the players are now able to team up and fight the monsters all together. Guiding, covering, and standing beside your buddy, while laughing at truly funny instances in the game, give a great feeling of companionship.

    Dead Rising 3 is a significant development in the genre of survival horror. Accumulating all its pros and cons, the overall game is a must-to-play.

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