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    Dragon Ball FighterZ

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    A Players Perspective

    So, closing in on a year in and Dragonball Fighterz is still as exciting as ever. The game is very fast paced with great voices to go with the gameplay.

    Although the story mode does leave much to be desired I think that Arc Sys makes up for the "boring " and repetitiva gameplay in the Versus Arena. There are a good number of Characters to chore from and they all pretty much seem and feel original.

    I think this game is a top notch fast paced, exciting fighter that is a "Must have" for any can of the Dragonball Universe as well as people who have a competitive personality in the way of Fighting games.

    It appears that ArcSys Works does have future plana to continue to improve upon all the things that make this game a access. Many fans and cr¨ªtics do feel that the game requires a larger selection of Characters though.

    Already having 4different itterations of Goku yet not all of the diferrent Gokus that fans seem to want.

    Atleast not yet. I Will Also say that having a few different options in the area of costumes would be an excellent step in the right direction but there has been tells about way that is just not Something that they can do at this time.

    So what do we have here in this game. We have a ver solid, fast paced Fighting game that is easy to pico up and play yet difficult to master.

    With the improvement and additions of its Network and Network Features, adding more costumes and Characters. This game has the potential to be the best Fighter that this generation has seen.

    Lets hope that they only improve the game and look to keep these of us that are willing tl supposed the game happt with the direction they are moving in.

    Ark sys Works seem to make regular balance patches which is a good sign for any game.

    When its all said and done the question is. Should I purchase this game as well as all its extra content that it has to offer. I would say, absolutely yes!! For me this game is a four and a half star ranked game.

    All of the extra DLC just improves the experience that you will have playing this game. Wether you play with a Friends or online I think in the Light of Fighting games this is an unrivaled time in an era of several great games to chore from.

    None like Dragonball Fighterz.

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