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A Flawed but Fantastic Experience

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    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    A Flawed but Fantastic Experience

    About Destiny:

    Well, I believe there is no intro really needed for this game, given the hype train that preceded it. But in case you live under a rock, Destiny is a first-person shooter / MMO from Bungie (the creators of the Halo franchise). It strives to combine everything you love about Halo with everything you love about games like Borderlands and diablo, but with more people playing. If that sounds like fun, read on.

    Gameplay: 8/10

    This is where destiny really shines. Bungie took everything they learned from developing Halo and polished it for Destiny. Waves of enemies with large, tough to kill enemies scattered about? Check. Boss fights that seem unwinnable while you are swarmed with tons of buggers, only to kill the boss right before you die? Check. The combat is a white knuckle thrill right that had my adrenaline pumping.

    The PvP is just as good, though is a totally different beast to the PvE. You’ll find yourself dying a lot in the early goings, and that’s OK, until you get some decent gear with some good bonuses, you probably lose a lot. But Bungie thought this through, and with the bounty system, you’ll be rewarded whether you win or lose.

    There are downsides though. The grouping could be improved by a wide margin, and voice chat gets annoying when you can only talk to your fireteam, and then they are all on a private chat channel. Also, the game explains NOTHING to you at all. You will have to find out absolutely everything on your own, so find a good guide online… (Maybe visit a certain website)

    Story: 0/10

    There’s a story? I didn’t realize! The worst part of the game by far. I really wanted this game to have a nice, epic story, but boy did Bungie let me down. Short of the opening sequence, nothing is explained (boy that almost seems like a constant problem for this game…) and you will be doing missions that make no sense in a wider context. It’s very disappointing, but I found between the great combat and the overwhelming desire for my next loot drop, while this may have been a large issue for me, it has not ruined my enjoyment of the game.

    Graphics/Sound: 10/10

    I find both the graphics and the score to be great, if not amazing for this game. Not much to say here, other than the music that accompanies the firefights will have you gripping your controller just a little bit tighter, and the graphics are truly great.

    I will just come out and address the Dinklage in the room, and say that I did not have one problem with Dinklage’s voice acting. Yes, it was plain, and flat, but… um… he’s playing a robot. What did people expect? There are some lines that did surprise me, but I won’t give them away. (I’ll just ask: was I not supposed to be killing the enemies this whole time?)

    Play Time/Replayability: 10/10

    This game will really go on as long as Activision and Bungie continue to support it, and as long as people play it. This brings me to:

    Final Recommendation:

    People, please play this game! I can say that had this game not been hyped the way it had, I don’t think nearly as many people would be so disappointed with it. We were expecting the next space opera, the greatest thing since sliced bread, and what we got was a pretty darn good game. This game has the potential to be truly great, but right now it’s merely really good.

    That said; I feel like Bungie’s already working to fix this, with post launch updates already on their way. I can only assume Bungie will listen to their fans and make this game even better than it already is, and I can’t wait for that to happen. The future of Destiny looks bright indeed, so join me for it, won’t you?

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