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A Final Fantasy for the the lowest common denominator.

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    Final Fantasy XV

    Rating: 2.0 – Poor

    A Final Fantasy for the the lowest common denominator.

    Before we start…no Final Fantasy XV did not get ten years of development, it had three years of development. I have to get that out of the way, especially when so many of those complaining about this game use the ten year development cycle as a reason to be negative. This review will contain no comparisons to previous games as every Final Fantasy has typically tried to do its own thing throughout the existence of the series. Final Fantasy XV is a painfully average experience with a lot of AAA polish which I think is a mask put up by Square-Enix, something which I believe has been done with a few games in the Final Fantasy universe.

    Final Fantasy XV was marketed to us as an open world game that will be a modern take on a fantasy story…and I will tell you that they nailed it right on the head. The lack of story and the poor plot and poor characters in general are a complete representation of modern stories and entertainment in general which is enjoyed by the masses. A teenager with all the information on Final Fantasy could have spent a few nights in his or her room and created a better story than what was given to us in the end product…it literally feels like Square-Enix went online and got inspiration by poor fan-fiction. There is never a single moment where you actually care what is going to happen next, just when you’re not going to be put on another fetch quest or a down another hallway path with some dialogue.

    The strategy in Final Fantasy has had some downfalls in the past, a prime example is when strategies can be abused to make the game more simple. This really isn’t the case with FFXV and I thought that was a positive. There are however mechanics which can be completely abused and make the game far too simple. How to fix this issue? Avoid any side content the game has to offer completely, as it will make you far too powerful for every single part of the game. Final Fantasy XV was designed in a way where the side content lacks purpose outside of small rewards and completion sake.

    The action style combat isn’t an issue with the game at all. A series where it is based on the concept of role playing, outside of basic commands…there’s nothing which can decide that a specific style of combat would be suitable for the game in general. The problem is that the combat is far too easy to learn and not difficult to master, along with the issues regarding how difficult it is to get a game over in the game, there’s no fun to me to progress. It’s comparable to having a task of just holding the analogue stick forwards and pressing a singular button over and over again. The only difference is you can move a few more directions and press a few more buttons in FFXV.

    There’s only two more things I can go over about Final Fantasy XV, the world and music. Firstly…the world is dated and lacks personality. There’s nothing to do but go along the main roads in a car which takes forever, or fast travel which comes with hefty loading times and a toll to do so. There’s nothing in FFXV’s world, just areas to go, though always the same way to traverse…that being just running around and jumping over things with no physics attached to it…and that’s the same for the people in the world, there’s nothing special about them. The issue mainly is that you are heavily restricted to areas of the game until you progress far enough in the story, this is a problem when you can start side quests but the solution to completing the side quest relies you to progress further in the main story to just get to the location of where you need to go to complete the side quest. They remind me completely of the people in Sonic the Hedgehog ’06…and that is not good enough. They lack life and exist for the sake of existing and to try and make the world feel less empty than it really is.

    The music is almost non-existent and mainly relies on nostalgia outside of key moments. You’ll always when travelling at least just be listening to the previous soundtracks of previous games while you drive along fixed roads. Yes there is change to traversing in the car at the end of the game, though far too restrictive for the most part. I suppose there’s a problem with Japanese developers and open world games regarding music? Oh then again it’s not an open world so I can’t really make that claim here…the music is still lacking completely and not up to standard to games released this generation…even games of past generations.

    I don’t see any reason to purchase this game unless you’re a core fan and/or you see it really cheap.

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