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80 hours and still not tired of it.

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    Dead by Daylight

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    80 hours and still not tired of it.

    This game has some issues, but it’s pretty fantastic. I haven’t spent this much time on a multiplayer-only game since Science and Industry.

    Survivor and Killer are both a lot of fun to play, although I did prefer Survivor. Survivor XP rates could be higher, it seems like Killers have it easier getting Bloodpoints each match (having played both). XP rates in general could be a lot higher, the game is almost a Korean MMO with how slow the vanilla leveling rate is. There was recently a Triple Bloodpoint event (3x XP) and that even felt too slow.

    Maps being free to play even if you don’t own the pack as long as the host (Killer) owns the map is nice, but the are still overpriced.

    I feel like the game would have more teamwork from the Survivors end if you got more XP if more Survivors escaped. As it is if someone’s hooked and the exits are up, even if it’s an easy save, most people will just head to the exit. If you got more XP for having more people saved, people would be more likely to take the extra 15 seconds to get someone else out because it benefits them.

    It doesn’t seem to be optimized well, as at max settings it utilizes far more resources than it should, given how it looks and how small the tech is for the game (no AI to process, only five people total and the maps are medium-sized).

    I love how the menu music is the same theme throughout, but each section uses different instrumentation. Main menu is piano, Survivor screen is acoustic, Killer screen is distorted guitar. The music doesn’t stop when you change between these sections, this is what’s really cool, it just flows into the new instrument for the section you’re on, continuing at the same part. It adds to the atmosphere very well, it’s a simple technique but it’s really effective. Despite being a multiplayer-only game that has essentially no story except for what you find in the instructions and some quotes when leveling up/tooltips, it’s a very immersive survival horror environment.

    Entering the Killer’s basement is always tense. It’s exciting to hear the terror radar go off (an increasing heartbeat), hide, and evade the Killer’s vision by constantly positioning yourself correctly behind a tree so he doesn’t spot you, then he runs off and you make a safe escape. Or, working on a generator that’s almost finished, the terror radar goes off, an ally baits the boss in another direction, and you finish starting the generator. A favorite of mine is the escape hatches. I still haven’t figured out how to open one with a key (haven’t got the right key yet), but at certain points in the game, there’s a hatch in the ground that opens and if you find it, you immediately escape. In one of my first games, I was the last Survivor alive, I didn’t know how to play yet so I was just running around not sure what to do. The Killer started chasing me, I didn’t want to die so I kept running, I accidentally came across a hatch and exited through it. I had no idea they existed in the game and that escape was so well timed, it’s moments like these that keep Dead by Daylight so compelling even though it’s "the same thing" over and over. There are all these random mini-stories that happen throughout the game through the interactions of players.

    A lot of people think the Huntress is overpowered, but I like dealing with her more than the Doctor or Michael. The game feels really balanced. Beginner Killers have an easier time getting rewarded than beginner Survivors, but as long as you get matched with at least one other Survivor that knows about body blocking/what chicken winging on the hook means/not to insta-unhook, the Killer is going to have to work for the kills.

    The most frustrating thing about the game is when you join as a Survivor, get found and hooked by the Killer within about 15 seconds, and die because no one comes to help you. You end up spending about 5 minutes finding a lobby/waiting for match to start/loading into match to die in two minutes and get 5k bloodpoints because of how RNG was with the placement and/or the other Survivors totally abandoned you that early.

    Another frustration is the item system. There are a few offerings that can be used that hugely tilt the game in either sides favor. Pitch black lighting means the Killer is going to have a really hard time finding you, and the item that lets the Killer kill anyone who’s downed if they’ve already been hooked by them makes for some really fast, one-sided matches. This should be given another look at.

    It’s really good overall, I’m certainly not bored of it yet and I have 80 hours in the game at time of this writing, but the biggest hurdle to most will be how long it takes to level up in this game.

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