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You are an Eternal Warrior with absolute and unflinching resolve. Rise Guardian!

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    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    You are an Eternal Warrior with absolute and unflinching resolve. Rise Guardian!

    What can be said about Destiny that hasn’t already been talked about thousands of times in other reviews, blogs or entries across the vast web? Not much I’m afraid. Especially this late in the game’s life. However, I would like to give you a review of my experience with Destiny and the impact it’s had in my long gaming history.

    At the time of my writing this review, Destiny 2 is just a few months away from release and the shelf life of Destiny is now nearing its sunset stage. Yet for all the time I and thousands of others have spent with this game, there is still so much vibrant life left in the game, even now.

    There is a story mode that will branch out into many objective based plot points that will help flesh out key characters as well as give you a fair introduction to the different races, villains and protagonists in the game. As the hero, you are a guardian called upon to help clear of and secure the land from various evil forces and factions. There are three races of guardians to choose from: Human, Awoken and Exo. Each of these races have their own unique look and detail. You’re able to customize your guardian’s look within each race profile you set up when you first start the game or each time you create a new character profile. Then, there are the classes. There are three classes of guardians: Titan, Hunter and Warlock. Each of these classes is loaded with so many awesome skill sets and sub-classes that it will be a game unto itself. In my opinion, this is what makes Destiny so addicting. You don’t just want to experience the game’s story and multiplayer with a single race and class guardian. You want to be able to experience them all, and to do that, you will create and master all available guardian races and classes. This is where the game shines.

    There are so many things to keep you busy in the game. From raids, crucible, story missions, strikes, patrols, bounties, trials, exotic weapons quests, iron banner, prison of elders, challenge of elders and even holiday themed events that round up one of the more robust multiplayer experiences in any game out for consoles today. With the exception of Trials of Osiris, Nightfall, any Raid and Challenge of Elders, all other modes can be played on your own without the need of a fireteam (a team of 3 or 6 depending on the game mode you choose). The thing is though, being part of a fireteam while tackling on any of these game modes is what really makes the game shine. You will experience this even more so when playing a raid, as no other game mode can compare with the satisfaction you get from beating/completing a raid (which can take an hour or more depending on the skills of your team) and receiving the exclusive loot and gear from defeating the raid bosses throughout that specific raid.

    STORY 8.5
    The story mode, while engrossing and entertaining, can certainly be improved on. There is so much potential for the story to become so much more. It’s a fast paced game and so a lot of the story elements, while tied in neatly together, aren’t fleshed out enough or fully explored. There are certainly many layers to this story and it could’ve benefited from expanding on segments during gameplay. I think it is definitely something that bungie took note of and will be addressing in the upcoming Destiny 2. This is bungie after all, creators of Halo, arguably one of the most critically acclaimed FPS series of all time.

    The soundtrack as well as the audio effects are exquisite. Each mission, each hostile land or area and each in-game cinematic piece is filled with life, emotion, dread, passion and magnificence. An awesome score to accompany you every step of the way through this adventure. The voice acting is superb and spot on with each of the “Allies” in the game. The Speaker, Commander Zavala, Cayde-6, Ikora Rey, Lord Shaxx, Cryptarch-Master Rahool, Banshee-44 the Gunsmith, Xur- Agent of the Nine, Lord Saladin, Lady Efrideet and more characters and villains than you can count. There are so many nuances to this special musical score, you can’t help but appreciate all the amazing effort that went into this work.

    GAMEPLAY 9.5
    The struggle is real. You want to know about the addiction Destiny players talk about? It’s the gameplay and the many modes of play that pull you right in. For one, the guardians all feel extremely responsive and quick to controls. You’re able to do complex jumps, drifts, dashes, running and sliding all at the quick press of a button and never feel any sluggishness . All actions and motions are fluid and elegant. As I already discussed at length in the introduction to this review, there are so many things to do in this game. What I didn’t discuss, is the insane amount of weapons and gear at your disposal, that is littered, unlocked or hidden in various stages, missions, objectives or quests throughout the game. There are so many weapon and gear combinations that you could literally spend hundreds of hours and still not finish experimenting with all of the possible options. For a collector or someone that likes to complete sets or anything remotely close to that, this can become an addiction. So, tread carefully, for if you’re one of these types of gamers, prepare to lose many hours of your gaming time to this game and the upcoming Destiny 2. You’ve been warned!

    There will be moments while playing Destiny where you will step back from the screen and want to capture the images in front of you because of a huge victory with your fireteam after a long raid or simply because you’ll be in awe of the beautiful landscape surrounding you. Destiny will be full of undeniably beautiful visuals accompanied by rich textures and color. You will witness breathtaking artwork, design and a perfect blend of light and dark enriched by the striking colors and shadows of everything from your own main protagonist as well as the multitude of characters on screen all at once. There are no details that look uninteresting. In fact, even the smallest details on the many pieces of gear and weapons, including exotics, will invoke wonder. The cloaks Hunters wear will flutter about tailing their every move on screen. The shadow and transparency effects of the silhouette left behind by Titans waiting to explode into a shoulder charge. Finally, the radiant color and bright light of a Warlock’s sunsinger sub-class super is awesome to see on a single player. These are a few of the many stunning visual effects you’ll experience while playing Destiny. When a game demands your attention and captures it completely and absolutely with graphics like these and yet doesn’t detract from the gameplay, but in fact, compliments it perfectly..you know damn well you are in for an excellent gaming experience.

    There hasn’t been a game for me as addicting as Destiny in a very long time. I find myself coming back to it even after playing new releases or pick-up and play titles. It’s simply one of the best multi-player experiences well after completing all the story missions and objectives. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve already heard about Destiny, and if you haven’t played it, then you my friend, are missing out.

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