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Yes, it is a simple game, but darn is it fun!.

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    Ryse: Son of Rome

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    Yes, it is a simple game, but darn is it fun!.

    Ryse: Son of Rome likes to show off very detailed graphics, the best to date for a video game but has received some harsh criticism regarding its gameplay, which is simple and does nothing we haven’t seen in brawlers since we’ve been playing them on old consoles two or maybe three generations ago.

    But let’s not rate this game by comparing it to others of the same genre, let’s evaluate the two areas here it has been most criticized:

    The combat system is simple to use and may allow you to beat the game on medium difficulty without the need for the player to really understanding its mechanics, there is more than meets the eye however, as this game allows you to play with your surroundings and context in interesting ways. There are, for example, timed hits and blocks. Different enemies use different animations for their attacks, which take different amounts of time to execute, to play the game as it was intended and be able to thrive on harder difficulties the player must learn and master the cycles in which enemies attack, these patterns vary a lot from foe to foe, as some use more swings or delay their attacks to catch you off guard, all while you are dealing with several enemies who, by the way, do NOT take turns to attack you.

    Another thing that has been frowned upon (and I agree) is the enemy variety; You have 4 or 5 different enemy types and, after watching the ‘making of’ video I understand the huge cost and effort that went into each, However there really aren’t many skins for these NPCs. Even if they acted the same way it would have been nice to see guys in different outfits or skin tone, which does happen but not in great variety and you sometimes feel that you are fighting the same group over and over.

    This is a great game, very engaging and entertaining, with amazing graphics and an interesting story (which surprised me, as I expected it to be generic after the first and second chapters deceivably made it appear so). Plus the second chapter and the boss battle on chapter five are two of the most epic gaming moments I’ve witnessed.

    Buy or rent, but do not let this game pass by.


    + Amazing graphics, great voice acting and facial expressions, simple but fun gameplay.
    - Reused models and somewhat short story mode.

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