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Xbox One X Console – Will i receive it on November 7th or the 8th if i pre order it now

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    Xbox One X Console

    Question: Xbox One X Console – Will i receive it on November 7th or the 8th if i pre order it now

    Short answer no.

    Longer answer is they are deceiving people by letting them preorder even though they are back ordered. I was told I probably wouldn’t get mine until December. They shouldn’t offer preorders if they don’t have the stock to fulfill in a reasonable amount of time.

    yes you will receive it on the 7th…i preorder on 10/29 and they already shipped mine to arrive on 11/7

    I pre-ordered on the 4th of November…my Xbox One X just shipped about an hour ago and shall arrive tomorrow morning…

    I preordered mine yesterday and I still don’t have a delivery date. So I’m guessing they aren’t guaranteeing anything yet.

    I ordered mine last night and today it says its shipping so yes, you should receive it by the 7th.

    I pre-ordered on 9/20 and my status updated to delivery on 11/7. I spoke to a representative and she reached out to her supervisor. The supervisor I spoke with advised that Microsoft must ship the Xbox to Amazon. Once Amazon has the physical console, then they can send out the confirmation email. I just received my email today, so the console should have arrived to Amazon. Amazon is just waiting to the ship date to start sending them out to us all per Microsoft agreement. Hope this helps.

    Mine says it will ship tomorrow an ill receive it on the 7th

    You should get it on the 7th. But check with Amazon to be sure.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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