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Xbox One X Console – Is the one x better then a one s on a 1080p tv

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    Xbox One X Console

    Question: Xbox One X Console – Is the one x better then a one s on a 1080p tv

    It is, it upscales the graphics internally & makes games (even really old ones) look amazing. It’s almost like a new experience.

    As others have already mentioned, a 4K display will provide the best experience, but there are still many enhancements you’ll be able to notice without one! Some examples would be better framerates, quicker load times, and overall enhanced graphics. For an up-to-date list of Xbox One X Enhanced titles including which features they utilize, you can check out http://xbox.com/enhanced

    the X will always run faster and smoother than the S, but in terms of graphics it will look the same unless you have a 4k tv.

    If you have a 1080p TV then i would personally get the S because it’s cheaper and still a good console. The X is the more powerful console but without a 4K TV you won’t tell the different graphically on between the S and X on a 1080p TV

    Yes it is a better system than the S,but the xbox one S is a good option too,for peo0le who dont want to spend to much on an X…their is good resolution on the xbox one S also…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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