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Xbox One X Console – is a 4k TV required for this console or can you use your "regular" TV?

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    Xbox One X Console

    Question: Xbox One X Console – is a 4k TV required for this console or can you use your "regular" TV?

    I am currently using it on a 1080p flat screen with an HDMI cable. It does not have to be 4k. It only enhances certain games that are listed as enhanced. The big selling point is the processor speed and it runs very quietly. You won’t be disappointed.

    You can use a regular tv but the tv needs to have a HDMI input, it is recommended to have a 4k tv for this console. If you don’t care much for the 4k then I would suggest a older version to save money.

    A 4k tv is not required to use it. You can use any hd tv itll just look a tiny bit better.

    You can use a regular flatscreen, but it defeats a lot of the purpose of buying this over an Xbox One S. If you don’t own any Xbox now and wanna buy one, I’d say definitely buy an Xbox One X, but if you’ve already got an Xbox One S or Xbox One, until you get a 4K TV, it wouldn’t hurt you to wait.

    ColdFrank45 is right, there are still many benefits to having an Xbox One X even without a 4K TV! Details on these enhancements, as well as which games take advantage of them, can be found at this link:

    No,4k not required. you only need a tv with an HDMI port.

    You can use reg TV the monitor does change the look of graphics but reg tv is fine Here’s another outlet to answer your question… https://www.gamesradar.com/do-i-need-a-4k-tv-to-play-xbox-one-x-games/

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