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Xbox One X Console – I can’t find anything online that says how many watts this console consumes. Anyone know?

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    Xbox One X Console

    Question: Xbox One X Console – I can’t find anything online that says how many watts this console consumes. Anyone know?

    Xbox One X
    Standby Watts (Instant On): ~10 watts
    Idle Watts: ~55-57 watts
    Playing GoW4: 170 watts

    About 170 watts at the wall when playing Gears of War 4 @ 4k. At idle its about 55-57 watts. The 245 watts is the maximum output of the internal power supply. I doubt the Xbox One X would ever hit that number though. Typically, power supplies are matched to their equipment with 20-30% margin. Assuming that the Xbox One X power supply has a 20% power margin, the most the Xbox One X will pull from the power supply is about 196 watts.

    For comparison, I also have a gaming PC as well with an overclocked i7-4790K, a GTX 1080, and three 4TB hard drives. At idle, my PC pulls about 115-121 watts. Playing games at 4K, it pulls about 430-460 watts. The Xbox One X is very power efficient by comparison.

    There is also a feature that enhances the power saving while turned off (standby). By enabling that, you would lose the instant on functionality, but power usage while in standby would less than 1 watt instead of around 10 watts.

    I forget at the moment, but there are some reviews on Youtube stating how many watts are being drawn playing games. I know people say its 245w or whatever, but in reality it isn’t drawing that much power. From what I remember I think the reviews stated it draws anywhere from 130w to 150w playing games, less when its idle. But more than the original Xbox One.

    It has an internal 245 watt power supply. But how much it uses at any given time varies by what game and what your doing. It may never use it’s full potential.

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    Up too 245 watts and at 4k gears 4 uses up too 175 watts if I’m correct

    UP to maximum of 245Watts

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