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Xbox One X Console – Before i pay $$$, what are the pros and cons of the xbox one x 1tb console? worth it?

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    Xbox One X Console

    Question: Xbox One X Console – Before i pay $$$, what are the pros and cons of the xbox one x 1tb console? worth it?

    The ability to play a lot of my old 360 games is appealing. It also has the 4k UHD blu-ray player. Other than that… Not much but if you need a system and a good blu-ray for your UHD TV it makes sense to bundle. the One X has the same platform as the One S which is really smart and I like it a lot. It is more of a multimedia entertainment bundle than just a video gaming machine.

    Well worth it…better graphics. Wifi is a plus! Have yet to experience problems. Only con I can give so far is, not all 360 games will work.

    This is well worth the money. Pros are that you can get all the popular games and I would suggest you get the 1tb because you need the power. My grandson plays this thing almost 24/7 and it runs for him without a hitch. Cons the pretty box is so powerful I can’t get him off the game to do anything at all.

    1. It plays true 4k 60 fps unlike the ps4 pro
    2. Backwards compatibility with a ton of great games
    3. Aesthetics are amazing compared to ps4
    4. It so much better if your gonna stream from hulu and netflix, its just easier to find all your streaming apps
    5. You can connect your cable box to the xbox which makes it easier to transition into cable and it makes it really easy to navigate.
    6. Xbox one exclusives are better in my opinion. With games like halo, forza, gears of war, state of decay 2, sunset overdrive, its no competition with sony. Xbox has better exclusives. Ive played god of war i found it to be boreing, last of us just wasn’t interesting what so ever to me, and uncharted is lame you could go buy lara croft tomb raider which is so much better than uncharted. Plus half the exclusives for sony are in Japanese and for me personally i like to understand the characters in the game.
    7. Being able to play blu ray dics such an amazing feature because if you have a ton of old blu rays or whatever you can still watch them.
    8. Everything downloads really fast and i never experience overheating at all. As a matter a fact i leave my xbox on all day and i can go touch it and its not even hot it’s definitely warm just not hot.

    Pros faster better graphics networks terrific. Wireless is a beast with AC. Haven’t really had any downside. I love it. Could do with an SSD not to say it’s HD is slow just SSD is just faster than any HD. One of the best experiences I have with an Xbox or PS. I highly recommend it.

    If you want graphics quality, yes worth it.

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