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Xbox One S Console – does it have built in wi fi?

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    Xbox One S Console

    Question: Xbox One S Console – does it have built in wi fi?

    Yes, in the setup menu select your wifi network and pswd. Then console will give you opportunity for system update.

    Yeah it has built in wifi but I would stay away from this model because I bought and it connects to wifi but it will disconnect at random times I ordered a replacement but it did the same thing . Now I know it’s not my wifi because my PS4 stays connected and so does my old Xbox, after some research I came to the conclusion that it’s the wifi card maybe they used faulty cards and it passed through quality because it does connect but it eventually disconnects, anyway hope it helped and hopefully you don’t make the mistake I made.


    Yes, it does. No need to plug in any wifi thingy, it does it straight from the console.


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