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WWE 2K19 Review

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    WWE 2K19

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    WWE 2K19 Review

    The WWE 2K games have been games I have stopped getting into after 2K15. The reason mainly was that I personally didn’t like the whole trying to be as realistic to what you see live on TV. I loved games like WWF No Mercy, Smackdown Here Comes the Pain, WWE Day of Reckoning, ect. The reason I loved those games was because it was pretty easy to get into and it wouldn’t take long for people to get use to the controls. So when I finally got my copy of WWE 2K19 I was excited because I can play as wrestlers from the current WWE/NXT roster, but I was also worried that the controls would be something would keep me from enjoying the game. Thankfully I grew to really enjoy this game, even though there are some things keeping it from being great.

    In past WWE games there were story modes that either were original stories made by the developers or the story mode would be a simulation of past wrestling moments like the Attitude Era. This time around the game’s story mode revolves around current WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan. The story mode shows a lot of moments of his career like one of his first matches in WWE, when he went by the name Bryan Danielson. To his big main event matches with John Cena at Summerslam for the WWE Championship and the Triple Threat Match between him, Randy Orton, and Batista at Wrestlemania 30. I really got into this story mode mainly because I am a fan of Daniel Bryan, plus it was really cool to see all of his big matches replicated in video game form and a lot of the scripted moments during those matches were great. It felt like I was really rewatching the matches it was simulating. I really don’t have an issue with the story format 2K is taking with these games but, the story mode was pretty short. I think it would have been better if there were 2 more wrestlers getting to same treatment. Someone that comes to mind is the coverboy himself AJ Styles could have gotten the same treatment.

    As for the gameplay which was my biggest concern walking into this game, is pretty much a more technical game, but it still is pretty easy to get into if you have played some of the WWE Smackdown vs Raw games. The only added feature is the payback abilities which is something you can trigger during a match, that can either give you a finisher stock or if there is a moment you know it will be hard to break a pin or submission you can use the resiliency ability and you automatically kick out of a pin/submission. There are a lot of abilities in this game and each superstar has something that fits their character. The way you can use payback abilities is by filling up a bar which can only be filled if you are fighting. And when the time is right payback abilities can help save you in a lot of situations.

    Other added features to this game include match types like 5 Man Match types, more match types for 6 Man matches, and now 8 Man matches. Looking at 8 Man matches specifically, it ran pretty well, I didn’t feel like the game was running slow because of all the wrestlers on the screen at the same time. There were a lot of times when the game would glitch in during matches like the Elimination Chamber where sometimes characters would stretch as if they were Mr. Fantastic or one of Bailey’s wacky waving inflatable tube man and while it was funny to see sometimes it did happen a couple of times and I hope things like that get patched.

    Overall WWE 2K19 was a game I really enjoyed playing and I’m glad I don’t need to rely on past wrestling games as my only way to play wrestling games. I wanted to play a really good wrestling game with wrestlers that I watch on TV or with the help of WWE Creation in 2K19, people can make wrestlers from other companies like New Japan, TNA, ROH, ect and later upload the characters they made online and people can download them so they can be added to their games. And a lot of the created wrestlers people have made are fantastic and could have easily have passed as playable from the get go. WWE 2K19 is a really good time and while there are some improvements that can be made to it like adding more stories to go through, it was great to play a solid wrestling game.

    Rating:   3.5 – Good

    Product Release: WWE 2K19 (Deluxe Edition) (US, 10/05/18)

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