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WWE 2K19 Review

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    WWE 2K19

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    WWE 2K19 Review

    It’s time to break out the steel chairs and get the tables as WWE 2K’s latest installment makes its way to your favorite gaming platform once again. While I cannot say that WWE 2K19 is the best wrestling game I have ever played, I can say with absolute confidence that it is the best wrestling game I have played in a long time. Even though this game hosts a slew of drawbacks, such as an unbalanced and frustrating online experience, a plethora of connection issues when playing online, and the lack of an actual season mode, WWE 2K19 possesses welcomed changes that make the game come ever so close to reaching the elusive brass ring of perfection.

    The first of these welcome changes, 2K Showcase mode is back! I thoroughly enjoyed this mode, and I appreciated how it captured the ups and downs of Daniel Bryan’s rise to fame. It was exhilarating to play through Daniel Bryan’s marquee matches ¨C hearing Bryan’s personal commentary on how wrestling, in a grueling match or an intense rivalry, impacted him and his overall career. From a gameplay standpoint, the inclusion of classic set pieces, such as the WWE Velocity arena and the original NXT arena before it was exclusively televised on the WWE Network, was an unexpected bonus. Completing all the match objectives was appreciated, then to be rewarded with cut scenes after completing each key match objective successfully was a plus.

    Aside from 2K Showcase making its return, the development team at 2K also put a lot of effort into reinventing the MyCareer mode. While I must admit that this has never been my favorite game mode, I will say that this is the best MyCareer mode I have played thus far. From the very beginning it is evident that 2K dedicated resources into making this season’s MyCareer mode more captivating and enthralling for its fan base. While this season’s plot does not differ very much from the rags to riches stories told in 2K’s previous installments, the voice acted feature gives this mode a more immersive feel. It effectively makes your created player seem more realistic and authentic, much like a real-life professional wrestler who has aspirations for making it into WWE. Additionally, both the comedic and dramatic moments in the mode’s twelve-hour campaign exquisitely captured the accomplishments and hardships professional wrestlers face throughout their career. Aside from this mode’s emotion provoking narrative, it presents an enjoyable gameplay experience. As much as it pains me to say, I really like Barron Blade’s role as the established WWE veteran and promoter of BCW in the mode’s narrative. Like many of you, after starting the game mode and being introduced once again to the infamous Barron Blade, I wanted to put myself through a flaming table. However, after hearing Blade’s ridiculous commentary I began to like him more and more. I especially appreciated how Blade would remind fans to turn off their headlights or move their cars so that the principal of the high school, where his promotion was held, could leave and go home.

    Furthermore, I also appreciated the time and effort that 2K spent on developing the gymnasium arenas, as they really captured the look and feel of an independent professional wrestling promotion. The 2K Towers mode also presents another positive facet to this game variety. I thoroughly enjoyed struggling through the Million-Dollar Challenge Tower, and I eagerly await to see how this arcade style mode is altered in future patch updates. Unfortunately, the WWE Universe mode still leaves a lot to be desired. While it is by no means a bad game mode, it just does not compare to the superb 2K Showcase, MyCareer, or 2K Tower game modes.

    Although I did enjoy choosing the winner and simulated matches by using the new match simulation feature in the WWE Universe mode, I found myself losing interest after a few hours even with the addition of the new Money in the Bank feature which allowed me to cash in the case at any point in the match. The WWE 2K online mode was utterly disappointing as the Quick Play and the WWE live features still do not record your online win loss record. Furthermore, the WWE online mode also lacks the Fair Fight feature that was implemented in the franchise’s previous installments to prevent players from using created wrestlers with maximum attributes and unfair move sets. Sadly, the exclusion of the Fair Fight feature is probably due to the Road to Glory mode which is lackluster at best and falls victim to the same online gameplay issues. With that being said however, this game’s positives definitely outweigh its negatives. This game is a must have for every hard-core wrestling fan; it represents a step in the right direction for the WWE 2K Sports franchise.

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