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Worth the 8 Year Wait

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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless

    Worth the 8 Year Wait

    2010, Red Dead Redemption is released and the world falls in love. Everybody’s new favorite Protagonist, John Marston finds his way into our consoles and gives us hours upon hours of fun. 8 years later the long awaited sequel/prequel is released.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 is a huge, detailed, lengthy and amazing game. So much has been added to this installment than the previous one. 178 animal species to discover and hunt, new and old states to explore, many people to meet and things to see.

    This game is glorious in every sense. So much fun and so much to do! Although the controls take some getting used to, as items and new mechanics take time to figure out and remember, but once you’re used to it, the game gets good. Brand new first person mode can really add to the realism and depth of the game. The amazing graphics and sound effects make this game an amazing experience.

    In my personal opinion, Red Dead 2 lives up to its older brother, Red Dead 1. Returning characters from the previous game, returning weapons and new ones, and some returning locations. This game will keep you busy for weeks and weeks. Sadly fast traveling isn’t as easy to come by in this game so getting places will take a little time.

    Hunting is far more complex but it makes it more realistic and, honestly, fun and satisfying. New and improved environments such as swamps, plains, snow capped mountains, and hills. This game is simply beautiful and it is well worth the time and money. And I mean come on, you gotta love seeing ‘ol Johnny boy again.

    This game has a better controls settings menu, improved hunting, improved graphics (obviously), improved story, both main and side, better random events and strangers to come across. You can even slam your horse into trees, wagons, rocks and any solid service you find! I know, amazing right?!

    Red Dead 2 is also much creepier than the previous game. Primarily in the southern state (Lemoyne) and the marshlands of the game. A lot of strange folk you’ll meet around those parts.

    Just when you didn’t think this game could get more complex and detailed, you also have to eat and drink, as well as feed your horse to keep your stats and your horse’s stats up. Bounty’s are more of a hassle in the sense bounty prices on your head can rack up quick and money isn’t nearly as easy to come by as it is in Red Dead 1.

    This game will treat you a bit rough but after some getting used to, you’ll love it. I love it and I definitely believe it lives up to the hype of Red Dead 1. I will be enjoying this game for a long time and I hope you do too. Red Dead 2 has definitely been worth the 8 year wait and Rockstar sure did knock this one out of the park.

    I highly recommend this game and with everything said, that’s why I have given Red Dead Redemption 2, 5 out of 5. Flawless!

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