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Wish I could un-rememory this whole experience.

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    Rating: 2.0 – Poor

    Wish I could un-rememory this whole experience.

    Walking sims. They’re not for everyone, but I like ‘em. Rememoried, however… not liking this one so much. Let’s get down to it!

    What is Rememoried?:

    Rememoried is a walking sim with light puzzles and platforming. Puzzles are solved by "forgetting", in which the player looks away from an object or from the path, and when they turn back around the path or objects are somehow rearranged or altered.

    Story: 4/10

    The story in Rememoried starts out interesting. Tells a story of how our memories become dreams, but fails to deliver any meaningful message. There’s some quotable dialog to be found, but nothing profound or deeply resonant. All in all, below average storytelling.

    Sound: 6/10

    The voiceover work is passable. The music is enjoyable, relaxing. Pleasantly surprised to hear Moonlight Sonata.

    Graphics/Art: 7/10

    Very pretty game. Minimalist and surreal. One level with a large moon reflecting on a pool of water that you’re walking through is stunning. There’s a couple levels that are gorgeous, but there’s also a couple levels that have some ugly, repetitive assets.

    Gameplay: 3/10

    First things first, for those of you who invert the Y-axis, there’s no option to do so. Get ready to experience a lot of frustration fighting the camera. The controls are a bit on the "floaty" side. Being a first person game with platforming elements, it can be tricky to gauge your jumps. There’s no failsafe mechanic that games such as Mirror’s Edge or Far Cry have, where if you miss a jump but are close enough to grab the edge you can save yourself from falling. In Rememoried, when you miss a jump, that’s that. You’re falling, you’re failing, you’re most likely starting that sequence over.

    The core mechanic in solving puzzles is "forgetting". This basically means spinning around or turning the camera away from certain objects, your goal, or the path to your goal. When you orient the camera back to the direction you need to go, you’ll find the path or objects have been altered. This is exceedingly frustrating, particularly when you’re trying to construct a path to a specific destination. It seems somewhat random and inconsistent, resulting in a lot of trial and error. You’ll find yourself spinning around and around in an effort to make a rock appear close enough for you to jump to, only to misjudge the jump and have to start over again from the bottom. Absolutely awful execution.

    Speaking of goals – good luck figuring out what that is for each level. These are very undefined. Vague. There’s some guesswork involved in finding where you’re supposed to go and how you’re supposed to get there.

    Experienced two separate crashes.

    Trophy hunters beware! Trophies are glitched in this game. All trophies should be unlocked during one playthrough of the game, by completing levels. In my three playthroughs of the game, I still haven’t unlocked four of them, including ones that are quite literally awarded for finishing levels (ex. Level 11: Finish Level 11). I believe that if you wanted to put yourself through the aggravation of playing it multiple times until you unlock all of the trophies, that they would all eventually unlock. Someone on PSNProfiles.com has done it, so they must be attainable. Be warned that they are buggy as of this writing.

    Replay Value: 2/10

    The only reason I’m scoring this 2/10 is because you may want to replay it to get those glitched trophies that didn’t unlock the first time through the game. No other incentive to play this a second time.

    Overall: 3/10


    Rememoried could become a mediocre game after a patch or two, but it will likely never be more than that. As it is right now, it’s a subpar, buggy, and frustrating experience. I would not recommend this game.

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