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Why Would Anyone Play This?

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    Need for Speed

    Rating: 1.0 – Terrible

    Why Would Anyone Play This?

    After playing Rivals via EA Access, and hating that, you’d wonder why I’d even bother with this one, but try it I did. Oh dear lord, whyyyyyy?

    Ok, let’s start on a positive note – The graphics. We have a game made in the Frostbite engine that looks nice. The only downside is the horrible film grain filter that personally I hate in anything other than, well, film. The world is nicely constructed, and the graphics even fit nicely in with the live action cutscenes. Camera views can be a little low (I prefer far camera views in most racing games, so I can see the road and what’s coming up).

    Oh yeah, the cutscenes, the UNSKIPPABLE, terrible, terrible, terrible cutscenes. I ‘played’ for 30 minutes or so and only drove a car for about 3 minutes at the start. It tries to be all edgy and ‘street’. The only purpose they served for me was to make me want to punch the characters and scream at the game to actually start. I hope the actors are ashamed. Why does a driving game need a story? Even when it does have one, like the Crew, it needs to be done as part of the game, not by making you sit through awful unskippable live action cutscenes.

    Eventually, you are given an open world (well, city anyways), and you get constant calls from the annoying characters offering parts, races, harder races, and…well, I turned off from what they were offering eventually. The world has lots of nice long straights and little nooks and crannys and shortcuts, so the world is ok, but after playing huge maps like in Forza Horizon 2 and The Crew, there just isn’t the scope that the average gamer wants/demands nowadays, but what IS there is nice.

    The most important part, if you can excuse the above gripes, is the driving. Terrible. Yep, yet again, it’s terrible. It’s arcade style, so not realistic at all, not realistic to the point that if you just turn a corner, not a sharp turn, u-turn, or 90 degree turn, just a right hand bend, you get slowed down to almost a crawl, because apparently the only way to go round a corner is to handbrake around it! I owned Need for Speed Underground 1 and 2 on PS2 and they may have had similar handling, but that was 2 console generations ago, when physics was more in it’s infancy, there is no need for such terrible handling nowadays. Classics such as Burnout Paradise had amazing arcade controls, and yet EA signed this rubbish off as acceptable? Even Rivals had better handling than this (though that was co-developed by Criterion).

    As you can gather, I hated this game. Maybe I’m not the target audience, but I implore people to try other racing games available like the Forza games or The Crew, and avoid this as best you can.

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