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When you get to control a wet bag of sand.

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    Human: Fall Flat

    Rating: 1.0 – Terrible

    When you get to control a wet bag of sand.

    When I first saw Human Fall Flat, it was through a You Tube video done with a funny personality. After seeing some of the game play, I knew that I had to play it. That was the first mistake I made. When I saw it on sale, I knew that I had to buy it, and that was my second mistake. If you could not tell by now, I do not think highly of this game. In concept, it sounds like a fun game. Control a simple being as you move him from point A to point B, solving simple puzzles along the way. What kills the game is the controls, which if you read the title of the review, you know that your avatar controls like a wet bag of sand. To save you some time, avoid this game unless you love to torture yourself. If you want a more in depth review, then keep on reading.

    Graphics: This is probably the only saving grace of the game. The visual style of the game is on the cartoon side with colors that fit the theme of the world. As you progress farther into the game each level becomes longer and more elaborate along with its own unique theme.The mountain level looks like a rocky wasteland that invites you to climb whatever you can. The construction level gives you the feel like your playing through a construction yard in the middle of building an impressive office building. As time marches forward, this game is going to look good for decades to come.

    Audio: And this is where we start the downfall of this game. The audio of the game is good when it is there. You have a narrator with a dry British accent that talks about humans like it is a documentary. This would be nice if it was used more often, for he is only used whenever you pick up a hint box that are typically hidden throughout each level (These will be talked about more later on). As for the music, there seemed to be only one score, if not then all of the music sounds exactly the same. No matter what level you are on, the music sounds the same, whether you are on the construction level or the medieval level. Luckily for your sanity the music cuts out for long stretches of time leaving you playing in silence.

    Story: This is probably going to be the shortest segment of the review. The story is nonexistent. You press play and then your avatar falls through the air as the world loads, and then they hit the level. There is no in game explanation for why you are where you are at. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for anything other than your own motivation to play the game, which will quickly drain away.

    Game Play: Now for what you have been waiting for, the reason why you should avoid this game at all costs. As the title of the review says, your character controls like a bag of wet sand. Now the controls are very simple, left control stick to move around, right to move the camera, A to jump, and the left and right triggers are used to grab things with each are respectively. The puzzles are all simple with obvious answers. The challenge comes from the awful way your character moves. He can only jump a few inches off the ground and moves and a walking pace. This makes any simple jumping puzzle difficult with the only saving grace is your ability to grab walls and ledges. If you grab a ledge then you can hoist yourself up. If you grab a wall then you might as well let go because you have no possible way to climb up. Let go of the wall with one arm and it will fall to your side with no way to put it back to where it was unless that spot was lower.

    Now as mentioned, each level has a theme and each theme has a puzzle that is used a lot in that level. The mountain level is only climbing puzzles. The construction level is filled with puzzles involving the use of levers and the destruction of walls. The medieval level has a lot of puzzles where you need to pick up objects and manipulate them to progress through the level. Now as I mentioned all of the puzzles are very simple. You will see a block suspended by a rope next to a ledge and you will instantly realize that you need to jump onto the rock to then climb onto the ledge. The issue is that it is a struggle to climb onto the rock with it constantly moving, then if you climb onto the rock its movement will make it nearly impossible to climb onto the ledge and when you make the attempt you end up grabbing the wall and then fall back to the ground, forcing you to try and climb on the dumb rock again. Then you have the grab mechanic for picking up objects. This is the clunkiest thing ever. If you grab a large object then all you have to do is just push it around. For smaller objects you will be cursing up a storm. One puzzle will ask you to take a hook and use it to grab a chain to pull a lantern off of a ledge. The issue is that it feels like you are using a flimsy stick to do the task. And if you pick up the hook wrong then you are boned because you are never going to pick it up the right way nor can you rotate it in your hands. The only saving grace is that if you would fall off of the map, then you will quickly land right in the area where you fell from.

    The last issue with the game play is that as with each level you progress through, the levels get longer and longer. This would normally be a good thing for any video game, but because each level is filled with annoying puzzles that just make you want to pull your hair out from the awful controls.

    Play Time/Replayability: This game is short with only eight levels, but after level four each level will feel like it takes an hour. Almost all of the levels have multiple paths to get from point A to point B, so finding the different ways to complete each level gives you a reason to go back, but with all to puzzles made annoying by the terrible controls makes you not want to replay them anyways.

    Conclusion: This game is download only so only get this game if it is free. I repeat, do not pay money for this game. The novelty quickly goes away once the puzzles go beyond what you can do with the controls. If you have a friend who foolishly bought this game, then ask them to play it. If your friend asks to play this game then tell them no so you can save them the headache.

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