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What Forza lacks in features it makes up for in an enjoyable racing experience.

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    Forza Motorsport 5

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    What Forza lacks in features it makes up for in an enjoyable racing experience.

    The Forza Motorsports series has effectively cemented itself as the best racing game on Xbox Platforms. It has even gone as far as to match up with Gran Turismo to fight for the best racing sim on the market. Forza 4 sold me; it was the best racing game I had ever played. The graphics were stunning, there was a great selection of cars to pick from, and each track was built to perfection. There also was plenty of ways to occupy yourself even when you were not behind the wheel. Forza 5 did its best to carry the torch to next gen but it ultimately was a disappointing attempt. The game itself is still very good, but it does not have the same appeal as its predecessor.

    Forza 5 has a decent variety of cars, just over 200 of them. This is near half of what Forza 4 had to offer. Not only is 5 lacking in cars to control, but also tracks to race on. Forza 5 has only 9 unique track locations. The famous Nürburgring is even left off of the roster. This is slightly over a 3rd of the fourth installment. The developer, Turn 10, has tried to justify this extreme decrease in content by claiming they strive for quality over quantity. I do not necessarily take their word for that. Just before the release of Forza it was announced there would be a 60$ season pass that gives you access to all of the car pack DLC’s that would be launched throughout the year. Charging the same price as the game for some DLC seems suspect at best. I think it could be claimed that the game was rushed to fit the Xbox One release window and most of those cars would have been in the game had it had more time. Also there is a decent amount of attention thrown towards microtransactions to buy tokens that allow you to buy cars without spending your earned in game currency. Turn 10 already has updates the payment scale to make things more affordable but it still does not seem to scale. Someone at level 94 gets the same cash reward for leveling up as a level 17.

    The lack of content is not the only thing that left me disappointed with Forza. The lack of non-racing content was very noticeable. Most notably is the lack of the auction house. The auction house was one of my favorite features of Forza 4, not only was it a great way to find cars for a fraction of the cost, you could often make decent money by giving a popular car a unique paint job and sell it for well over the usual going rate. It allowed people to have fun just by designing liveries and selling the cars, something I spent a lot of time doing. I was very upset to find that this would not be possible in Forza 5. A side not, the main menu is more condensed and makes some of the features harder to find. Also, depending on when you purchase a vehicle it may be automatically upgraded to the max limit of that class. So you may not ever need to go and tune your car. Where Forza 5 let me down in side features it made up for in gameplay.

    Forza 5 is significantly more difficult than Forza 4. It has more of a learning curve. I choose to play with a lot of the assists (auto braking, drive line, ect.) turned off. When you take a turn too fast you will know it because often you will find yourself on a wall or in the grass. It is a game that rewards perfection and harshly punishes mistakes. It makes it that much sweeter when you execute everything perfectly. Sure you can still decide to be aggressive and ram the other drivers but it pays off to drive a clean lap. No longer are you required to actually come in first to claim a Gold Medal. I was skeptical at first about that, feeling that to get gold you should need to win the race. After a few races I quickly changed my views. While winning some races should be simple, others are very difficult to actually come in first place on.

    In conclusion, Forza 5 has fantastic gameplay. If you liked how it felt in 4 then you will love 5. If side features are not a big deal to you than this game will impress you visually and with actual gameplay. However, if you spend a majority of your time in racing games designing, tuning cars, or other non-driving features, this game may be slightly disappointing. Even though I was upset by the lack of some features from 4 going in to 5 I can not fault Turn 10 because they put together another wonderful driving experience.

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