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What does it mean to be human?

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    Detroit: Become Human

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    What does it mean to be human?

    Detroit Become Human was a game that I was pretty excited for. I generally enjoy story driven games. Detroit Become Human is one of those games, where it straddles the fine line of a game or a movie. The game in large part only consists of simple button commands to perform certain action, coupled with a very heavy story narrative and ability to make branching decisions. For the most part, Detroit Become Human provides an entertaining story with likable characters and interesting story decisions.

    Detroit Become Human revolves around androids in the near future, who essentially work in servitude to humans. You see a wide range of androids from maids doing house work to androids who are investigative detectives. The game follows the story of three different androids, where players will be able to see how the story unfolds from their view points. The story revolves around these androids becoming increasingly human, with emotional reactions that question whether they are just machine or a new species. The game explores this dynamic.

    The game play in Detroit Become Human essentially revolves around on screen prompts to press a button, mash a button, or utilize the right analog stick in certain directions. These inputs generally appear during action sequences or interactions with your environment. For example, in a fight scene, you may be prompted to press the X or Square button quickly to get an optimal action. Additionally, you may be required to move the analog sticks in a certain direction to open a door. There is not anything deep regarding game play, as the main point of the game is the story elements.

    The nuts and bolts of the game is the story and how user decisions will lead to different results. As you control your 3 characters you will communicate with different characters through out the game, and be required to make decisions. Generally a player will have several decisions when responding to another in game character, with each decision leading to a different outcome. The decisions users make can have a drastic difference to the outcome of the story.

    It is really the story and the branching decision paths that make Detroit Become Human a fun experience. It is like watching a solid movie, where you get to make important decisions. You get to decide the good guy or the bad guy route, how they are perceived by the public, and so forth. Giving these decisions to the players also increases the replay value, where players can have multiple play throughs to see how different decisions play out.

    Detroit Become Human is a fun game that is story driven. If you are looking for something with traditional game play mechanics, then this game is not it. If you are looking for a story focused title, where each decision you make could be crucial to how that story unfolds, then you are in for a fun experience. The story is well told and keeps you engaged through out. The branching decision points in the game also increases the replay value of this title. This game is certainly worth checking out.

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