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What a disappointment…

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    The Quiet Man

    Rating: 1.5 – Bad

    What a disappointment…

    I’m someone who tends to be fine with games that annoy other people. A good example of that is I liked Heavy Rain enough that I got 100% trophies three times and have a second disk as backup. ;)

    I was interested in this game because of the trailers of the deaf anti-hero lead and the good live-action cutscenes. The shorter length and supposed story focus garnered my interest as well. However, this is one of the biggest letdowns that I’ve ever experienced.

    The controls aren’t as good as you would think they should be. Basically, this is a random button masher. When it battle, the lack of targeting makes it near impossible to effectively plan actions and have strategy. One of the worst things is how there are special attacks and actions in battle, but the game never tells you how to complete them at all. Also, punches from the enemy can randomly pass through you without causing any harm. The most annoying thing is that can happen in the other direction as well; randomly, your attacks won’t hit or cause damage!

    A frustrating thing is I’m getting trophies without knowing what I am doing or how to complete the actions required to gain them. I’m someone who likes to get 100% on games like this, but this means there really is no way for me to plan how to do those actions that are required to get the trophies.

    The graphics are a bit bleh as well. If it was the game on its own, I would say it looked rather good. However, the quality of the live-action cutscenes emphasise the difference of graphic quality when it is gameplay. Something else which adds to this graphic problem is in fights it is very easy for perspectives to change to the wrong direction when doing special attacks. Along with all of this, overlapping when fights are going on are very likely.

    The final disappointment is how things are with New Game+. Before it came out, my understanding was that if you beat the game it would unlock getting to play it again with all spoken dialogue and sound. However, the news now is that will be in a patch that will be released next week.

    As this game is only about 3 hours long, I suggest that you wait until there are some Lets Play videos on YouTube that have the restored sound.

    - very good visuals and acting

    - bland combat
    - no targeting of enemies when fighting
    - no clear instructions on how to fight
    - bad controls
    - unless you can lip-read, the story is super vague

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