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Was sort of dissapointed with IX(My review) SPOILERS

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    Final Fantasy IX

    Rating: 2.5 – Playable

    Was sort of dissapointed with IX(My review) SPOILERS

    It is odd I had heard the general view of IX was it was good but not great. However I usually enjoy games more than most people and had heard a few people who’s opinion on games I value say IX is one of the best FFs. Still I went in with the mindset of it is "only good" to not be dissapointed and even then I still felt dissapointed by the end.

    Firstly the story didn’t grab me from the beginning like most FF games. It just felt like a big mess that Zidane was causing and it took too long to say why he was doing so. Now I love Vivi(probably the only character in this game I loved) but for the first little while I asked aloud "why is he even here?" too many times and that is not a good thing.

    Secondly I didn’t really care for Zidane, Garnet, or Steiner. Zidane felt like he did everything to get into Garnet’s pants and not "just to help someone who needs it" like he claims a few times(I feel Tidus and Zack are characters with that motivation). Also too much womanizing like really Zidane too much. Garnet felt like a very bland and overused character I have seen done better many other times. And Steiner…. well I nearly hate Steiner almost every time he was on screen I would sigh and hope he left as soon as possible. Considering these three are the main party members besides Vivi that is bad I didn’t care for them.

    Next I did not enjoy most of the story it felt weird and unnatural at times the biggest example being when they returned to Alexandria for Garnet to become Queen. It felt like the whole game came to a stop and the entire time I kept thinking "seriously guys Kuja is still out there either find him or he’ll come after you". And of course he did come at them nearly destroying Alexandria and they all acted surprised. Then came the biggest random series of events "Oh look Alexandria has it’s own legendary summon to protect it. Oh no random space ship. Well our legendary summon is dead. Zidane has to go alone to save Garnet. Garnet can’t speak because depression. Oh Garnet can speak again."Then it feels like plot is missing sometimes. Like Amarant seriously dude even other "mysterious" characters get like twice the development you do. And even though I like Freya or maybe because I do I can’t get past that her story with Fratley just gets skipped over from him not remembering her and not wanting to be around her to having fell back in love wither her.

    Alright time for some final thoughts. I kept hearing people praise the game for it’s look at death and how to deal with it but this only makes up a small fraction of the story. You wouldn’t eat a pizza where all the slices but one were kinda bad and the one slice was a bit better than good and say "This is one of the best Pizzas I have ever had". Overall the story was average with a few High points and a few more Low points. The gameplay also was average with the low point that abilities are tied to equipment making it annoying to grind abilities that are tied to crappy equipment. All in all the general view on the game is quite accurate it is a Final Fantasy that is Good but has too much holding it back to be Great. If you are going to play it don’t go in expecting an experience like VI or VII since you will most likely be quite disappointed.

    And of course as you should always remember this is my opinion and is not "right". So if you can get in on sale play IX yourself and see what your thoughts on it are.

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