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Vampyr – Cheats

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    • Infinite EXP

      In the skills menu from any bed, plug in a USB keyboard. Go into a skills sub menu and hold down O+P on the keyboard (get it.. OP…lol) and it will increase your exp as long as you hold it. This can be done multiple times. This also is confirmed to work with the PS4 Bluetooth chat pads.


    • Money Farm

      First make sure the Docks district is Sanitized i.e. finding all citizens and make sure they are not sick. Then go to the Western Docks and Find Martin Nightingale and ask to trade with him. You’ll notice that the price for his good doesn’t appear meaning it’s all free. You can still get money from selling your items to him. Sell off everything you have (Ingredients would work the fastest) and "buy" them back. This can be done repeatedly until satisfied.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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