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Two Classic Castlevania titles and not much else.

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    Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Two Classic Castlevania titles and not much else.

    There are two types of Castlevania games, "ClassicVania" and "MetroidVania". Classic is your traditional linear level to level based game, and Metroid is the go anywhere you want exploration type of game that was popularized by the SNES classic Super Metroid. Both types have been popular for decades so everyone’s favorite developer Konami (*crickets*……tough crowd) decided to re-release probably the two most popular entries of both genres into a nice little package. FYI, I am going to just review the port itself as both games have been studied to death.

    First there is Rondo of Blood, the Classic interation of the duo. You go from level to level as Richter Belmont trying to save your girlfriend from the evil Dracula and his minions. You also can fight alternate bosses and reach alternate levels which is a nice touch as it adds replay ability. Another neat thing is the ability to just pick up at a branching path via stage select. All you got to do is go back to the previous unlock the path and boom there you go, new stage. Rondo is one of the easier of the classic series , but its still no joke difficulty wise. You will get beaten but with time and effort you will grow to enjoy everything about the game.

    Symphony of the Night is the exploration based entry of the duo. The direct sequel to Rondo has you playing as Alucard, aka Dracula’s Son, marking his return to the series since Castlevania 3. Alucard must traverse Castle Dracula stopping enemies and gathering strength to take on the priest Shaft who is trying revive Dracula. As long you have the means, you can go just about anywhere in Symphony and with added RPG elements like leveling up, the game is a blast to play. SoTN can be on the easy side especially in the second half of the game, but you’ll have so much fun exploring both of Dracula’s castles that you will always enjoy the ride.

    Both games are based on their PSP re-releases in the Dracula X chronicles. Rondo never had an English release before since it was a Japanese exclusive on the then forgotten PC Engine aka the Turbografix CD. The PlayStation version of Symphony was very popular but was infamous for its over the top hammy voice acting. The PSP version had new more serious voice acting making the one noticeable flaw irrelevant. This PS4 version gives you both games based on their PSP versions as well as trophy support and graphic options like smoothing and that is it, nothing else. For 15 bucks which is what I paid, its a good deal on two classic games. However I can not recommend paying over 20 for it, as there is no new content at all.

    Conclusion: If you can get it on sale go for it, as this is a great little collection of two classic titles. Just don’t except much else more out of it. What you see is you get: Two great titles and a miserable pile of secrets.

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