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Trackmania Turbo – Cheats

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    • All Secret Multiplayer Codes

      At the main menu, select multiplayer and then scroll down to secret to input these codes:

      Effect Code
      Unlocks Arcade Smash! Square, Circle/Square, Any Button
      Unlocks Arcade Stunt! Square, X/Triangle, Any Button
      Unlocks Hotseat Smash! Triangle, Circle/Square, Any Button
      Unlocks Hotseat Stunt! Triangle, X/Triangle, Any Button
      Unlocks Mono Screen Fun! X, Any Button, X/Circle/Square
      Unlocks Mono Screen Pro! X, Any Button, Triangle
      Unlocks Splitscreen Bonus Fun! Circle, Circle, X/Circle/Square
      Unlocks Splitscreen Bonus Pro! Circle, Circle, Triangle
      Unlocks Splitscreen Classic Fun! Circle, X, X/Circle/Square
      Unlocks Splitscreen Classic Pro! Circle, X, Triangle
      Unlocks Splitscreen Smash Fun! Circle, Square, X/Circle/Square
      Unlocks Splitscreen Smash Pro! Circle, Square, Triangle
      Unlocks Splitscreen Stunt Fun! Circle, Triangle, X/Circle/Square
      Unlocks Splitscreen Stunt Pro! Circle, Triangle, Triangle
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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