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Touhou goes Chess

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    Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Touhou goes Chess

    Touhou Kobuto V is a tactically paced 1v1 fighting game. While the slower pace of the game isn’t for everyone, there’s a pretty good combat system at work that opens up a decent meta game provided you have other people to play with.


    For starters, what do I mean when I say tactically paced? This is not a combo heavy game in which fights can be decided by a single mistake. A complete fight will likely take several minutes. This is not only because of a lack of combos, it is also because every action has stamina.

    Each of your three attack options has an independent stamina bar ensuring that not only do you have to vary your attacks, but you also can’t attack relentlessly. Your dash also has a stamina bar, but this one isn’t visible. Just know that dashing is something you will need to do with purpose as if you run out of juice from too much dashing, you become a sitting duck as your character must stop completely to catch their breath for a few seconds.

    You also can activate spell cards and super moves amd when timed correctly these can completely change a round in the user’s favor. Each attack button also switches from ranged attack to melee alternative when close enough to your opponent. Dash in with a well time melee attack and you can knock your oppenent down and get one free hit while they are still on the ground. However, you need to dash back out and set up your next attack because your oppenent is invulnerable for a few seconds after getting back up. This further adds to the tactical nature of Kobuto’s combat.

    This is also where I have to mention that you NEED other people to play with to get the most out of this game. The computer provides little challenge once you get good at dashing in and out for melee attacks. The AI doesn’t seem programmed to adapt to this tactic. Even the final boss has no real answer to a melee based attack. Human players will quickly force you to use ranged attacks as they will begin to anticipate your actions and respond accordingly and that’s where the meta game begins.


    The character models are cute, looking almost exactly how they did in Genso Rondo. Environments are sparse but I like the isolated arena feel you get from this. During cutscenes you get fully rendered drawings of each character rather than the somewhat chibi versions you have during gameplay. Overall graphics get the job done. Nothing truly bad or spectacular to see here.


    Fair warning: the default volume is very very loud, but I really dig the menu screen music. No other tracks stand out yet, but nothing is jarring either. The soundtrack is an easy and pleasant listen.


    Pretty standard fare here. Score Attack, Arcade, Story, and Versus. The story is the cute fluff you’d expect but I found it entertaining for what it was. The other modes are held back by the lackluster AI. I can’t overstate how much this game really needs to be played against fellow humans in order to truly shine. And that’s where I have to dock it some points. I can’t imagine this having a huge online community and very quickly the only people playing it will all be really good at it, creating an entry barrier for newbies down the road.


    In conclusion Touhou Kobuto V is a pretty darn good game with interesting fighting mechanics. It is held back by middling AI that ult¨ªmately requires playing online to get any long term value from this game. But it’s a worthwhile play for $30 even if you only play it until you conquer all the single player content.

    Final Verdict: Good Game


    This is the ¡°should you get the limited edition¡± section. In short, I would say yes mainly because the magnets are pretty awesome and I like the soundtrack. The book is a pretty meaningless throw in. Nothing of real value in there unless you are just a huge fan of the characters. However, if you can get the soundtrack as a stand-alone item, there’s nothing in the limited edition I’d say you have to have.

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