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To the bayou

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    Titanfall: Expedition

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    To the bayou

    Titanfall: Expedition is the first of three planned DLC expansion packs for Titanfall. While most of the new and coolest content for Titanfall will be released as free updates, the new maps must be purchased. Since all the cool stuff on the way like Titan customization and new game modes are just free for everyone, there’s not much incentive to pay for just three new maps, especially since none of them are really that significant.

    The new maps are not bad by any means. They don’t add a whole lot to the game either, however. They don’t add new campaign missions, and it’s virtually impossible to get into a match with the DLC unless playing the specific DLC playlist.

    The three maps are Swampland, Runoff, and War Games. The former is where most of the marketing for this DLC is centered around. It takes place in a swamp area with a lot of big trees. I thought the trees would really change up the wall running style gameplay, but in reality, the trees really don’t change the Titanfall dynamic much at all. The map is still fine and it is visually distinct from the other maps in the game due to the lush greens and the fact that it takes place entirely in a swamp, but it doesn’t change the gameplay in any significant manner despite the change of setting.

    Runoff is my least favorite map. I found it the most visually appealing, but at the same time, it’s the least entertaining. There’s nothing significant about it. I am straining myself to even remember what the map entailed, despite having played on it many times.

    War Games is a great map for objective based game types. The map takes place in a training simulator, and it features an amusing little cut-scene where players are strapped in to the simulator before the match begins. Enemies disappear in a splash of blue graphical effects when they die since it’s just a simulator. War Games is designed in such a way that it encompasses all of the different Titanfall styles of play very well.

    Out of the three maps, Swampland and War Games are by far the best. Runoff isn’t bad either, it’s just unremarkable. Overall, I don’t know if the $10 price tag for this DLC is really worth it. Let’s take a series that the people at Respawn used to work on for example. In Call of Duty, the DLC packs are typically $15. This is outrageously overpriced, but it’s still a better bang for your buck than the $10 price tag in Titanfall. In Call of Duty, the $15 will net you four new maps instead of three, new content for the co-op in the game (whether that is zombies or aliens or whatever else) and sometimes other cool stuff like new guns. By comparison, Titanfall: Expedition is not as much value. I usually don’t talk about price in my reviews, but with DLC, I think price is an extremely important part of the conversation.

    I don’t regret buying Titanfall: Expedition or the season pass. Having some new maps to goof around on is fun for a while, and the maps are not bad by any means. They’re all OK to good, but they don’t shake up the gameplay in any significant way and none of them really stand out to me as super memorable. Diehard Titanfall enthusiasts might want to check out the DLC, though be warned that it does not add any new achievements and all of the coolest new content for Titanfall will be for free–this is a move I fully support by the way, but they still need to spice up the paid DLC to make it worth buying for consumers.

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