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Titans falling from the sky?! Yes, please!

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    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Titans falling from the sky?! Yes, please!

    In an epic clash between IMC and Militia troops, TitanFall’s offers an intense and grand experience. In between the intense battles filled with gun fire and explosion, lies a game leaving a player sulking in the grand scale of the game. Titanfall provides a fictional future of battles, where pilots can leap and wall run large distances, and control giant titans with powerful weapons. Titanfall is a no nonsense multiplayer game that omits sparsely made single player campaigns that are prevalent in some first person shooters. Rather, the whole focus is to play with others, and in that regards, Titanfall is a fun and intense experience.

    While Titanfall is an online multiplayer game that requires Xbox Live gold membership, there is still a campaign mode. In campaign, there will be a series of missions that can be played through the view point of the IMC or Militia. Each mission is essentially a multiplayer based game type, such as hard point or attrition. Before each mission, there are short introductory tidbits about what’s going on. While playing through the campaign unlocked certain items and helped earn achievement points, I honestly didn’t really see the point. It’s essentially just the various multiplayer modes, but with some narrative thrown in. That’s not to say the battles aren’t as intense as its multiplayer mode counterparts.

    The meat of the game is in the various multiplayer modes, such as attrition, last titan standing, hard point, and so forth. Before each match, users can setup their pilot and titan loadouts with a variety of primary, ordinance, and titan destroying weapons. With the variety of options available to both pilots and titans, it made for some fun scenarios. Given the speed to which the game plays, I felt sniper type weapons were deemphasized, since action was constantly moving. While there are people who try to camp, there seems to be less emphasis on that in this game.

    There are also several titan chassis to choose from, as well as weapons. The various options has its pros and cons, but after a while I found myself sticking to one. Titan battles were particularly fun given the types of moves made available. This included the ability to stop bullets mid-flight, only to send it hurling back to the attacking enemy to hand to hand combat with the titan wailing on another.

    During the course of the matches, the mixture of titans, pilots, A.I controlled grunts and spectres, provided a grand scale of future warfare that was quite satisfying to say the least. During some intense matches, multiple titans can be on screen, with explosions and bullets going off everywhere. While playing as the pilot, I particularly enjoyed the speed at which action was taking place. The controls also felt smooth and intuitive for the most part, although there were some wall running sequences that I felt weren’t quite as smooth. While epic moments will surely be had, the limitation to 12 human players in a given match left a bit to be desired. While understandably this was probably limited due to too many potential titans on screen at once that could derail the experience, there are times when finding a pilot becomes a bit more difficult.

    What I particularly liked about Titanfall was the accessibility in each of the maps. For the most part, it felt like I could scale any building or object during battles. The maps were sizeable and provided plenty of buildings, structures, and open area for potentially massive and epic battles. With abilities like double jumping and wall running, it left open numerous possibilities on how you interact with your surroundings. While there are things to unlock, I was however still left with the feeling of wanting more. While I’m sure there will be additional map packs, but for sixty dollars I was left wanting a bit more. This includes the feeling of wanting more multiplayer modes as well.

    For the most part, the frame rate holds steady. However when there are lots of action going on, more specifically when multiple titans are on screen at once, the frame rate does drop noticeably. This gets a tad bit annoying at times, but isn’t overly detrimental to the overall experience of the game. The game also features some beautiful environments that left a feeling of immense scale. During fire fights, where multiple action sequences are occurring, the game looks epic and a sight to behold. From titans dropping from the sky to explosions going off, the game sports gorgeous looks.

    Titanfall is a fun and intense shooter that will surely provide tons of entertainment, but I was left wishing there was a bit more meat on the bones. However, what’s currently there will provide Titanfall owners with epic battles that feel grand in scale. Titanfall is a fun experience and I would recommend this to people who has an Xbox Live gold membership.

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