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This is some "Journey" your life in 90 min. Game or Art you be the judge.

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    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    This is some "Journey" your life in 90 min. Game or Art you be the judge.

    What can you say about a game that’s not really a game? Well first thing I thought was, "this is amazing". Don’t think of Journey as a game, think of it as a metaphor for life. A story, how we start off, battle through adversity and make our way to the end, only to have another just like us renew itself and start over. That’s the simple beauty of journey, those who don’t understand that, wont get "Journey".

    I first played Journey on PS3 its only about an 90 min long so you can and most likely will go through it in one sitting. But there are multiple paths to explore and items to find so its not a one and done. I ended up getting it again years later because it was a cross buy so I already owned it when I got my PS4. I liked the game much better on PS4, it runs smoother and the graphics get a nice jump too. If you have the option, that’s definitely the way to go.

    Let me start off with the non game play, game play, lol. The game is the ultimate walking simulator, well you do float or fly a lot too, to be fair. There is some sand surfing too. But you wont think of it like that, you’ll traverse the vast deserts, underground caverns to mountains covered in snow by walking, surfing or by absorbing cloth for your scarf, so you can fly, the longer the scarf, the longer you can fly. Its a very cool dynamic. The hidden charm to this game is the passive co-op(Journey can be played single player or with co-op, you choose at the beginning of each play through). You will always run into another player and end up playing through the rest of the level with them, its a very bonding experience, there is no talking, only a sort of vibrating noise you make to communicate with each other, just the two of you helping each other and being there "ride or die". Just going through it all together. The coolest levels are avoiding enemies together or even showing another a player secrets.

    I love the graphics in this game especially on PS4 where they really shine, they are simple, but beautiful and even times awe inspiring. Sometimes I find myself just staring at the level as Im playing kind of like I’m hypnotized. The levels have good variety and tell a story of elders and a society cloaked in mysticism. But its all a metaphor for life, you’ll see what I’m saying.

    The music in the game is beautiful, even just listening to the sound track is moving & very fulfilling. But playing it in game is the most effective and best use for this music. Its goes so perfectly and really lifts you up with the spirit of the moment, again you have to be there to understand what Im saying. The game really is a piece of art.

    One thing I can say about Journey is it does evoke emotion, its a moving experience that should be tried by everybody. I have played the game multiple times in co-op and every time it’s a different experience. Give it a try.

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