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This is a good port, but play the PC version if you can.

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    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    This is a good port, but play the PC version if you can.

    Nearly two years after Undertale took the gaming world by storm in 2015, a Playstation 4 port went and got released. If you didn’t play the PC version and somehow have no access to it, then this version is worth a try. It’s cheap, easily accessible, and lets you play one of the ten best games ever made in a very short amount of time. I just got done my own playthrough of it, and while the PC version is better for various aesthetic reasons, the PS4 version is still worth playing if it’s the only way you’ll bother trying this game out. As of this writing, the game costs 15 dollars. If you’re not willing to shell out 15 dollars for one of the ten best games ever, joke’s on you. Or to look at it another way, Undertale is pretty blatantly influenced by EarthBound. Would you not pay 15 dollars for EarthBound?

    The game is still the exact same from PC to PS4, and there are even trophies to get in this version if you’re the trophy hunter type. In typical tobyfox fashion, the trophies are all complete troll jobs and have nothing to do with how Undertale actually plays, and give no hints on how to get the various endings. This is good to avoid spoilers, but it’s also one of the easiest platinum trophies on the entire system to get. All you really have to do is donate a bunch of money to the new dog shrine location and play through the game once.

    There are some system constraints, mainly with not having a keyboard for the one fight that requires it, and a couple of the ending sequences are cheapened for spoiler reasons I can’t get into in a review. That aside, everything else is about the same, save for a few updated lines of text here and there. Another small thing that’s going to disappoint some people is due to the game being almost exactly the same as the PC version, there’s nothing new to explain some of the open-ended questions of Undertale. Personally I wanted to explore Gaster’s storyline, but that’s probably never going to happen unless we get a sequel. This isn’t necessarily a knock on the game, and a pure port is fine, but bonus content is always welcome.

    Undertale is classified as an RPG, and it is, but it seamlessly introduces bullet hell elements during the actual battles. Add in a very underrated plot and amazing soundtrack, and you have all the ingredients you need for a cult classic. The game takes place in the underground monster world, and you’re a human that fell down there. The rest is up to you, and I will spoil nothing on the off chance you haven’t played this yet. Have fun :)

    The gameplay being unique is what really hooks people. When you get into a fight, your soul (a little heart) gets trapped inside a box, and the enemies attack you with bullets. Bosses obviously use stronger bullets than regular monsters. Your job is to avoid the bullets and fight back as you see fit. It sounds simple, but it’s among the most unique battle systems in RPG history, and it remains interesting and innovative for the entire game. It never gets repetitive at all, and is by far the best part of the game outside of the soundtrack.

    Speaking of, this soundtrack is really good, and it sounds incredible on a surround sound-linked HDTV. I know people have all kinds of sound systems hooked up to their PCs, but I hadn’t experienced Undertale in surround sound before, and that by itself made the price of the game worth it for me. When I had this thing going on my surround sound… man. Some of those great tracks really pop out at you. This game sounds damn good on surround sound.

    The big flaw, again, is the graphics. They never get in the way and they aren’t glitchy or anything, but this game looks like it’s from 1980. Literally. Just for the heck of it, I went and looked up screenshots from old RPGs when looking for an Undertale comparison. I had to go all the way back to 1980 — to Ultima 1, of all games — to find a visual doppelganger. Undertale’s graphics aren’t just bad; they’re legendarily bad and are almost literally 40 years old. It doesn’t take away from the game, but it’s impossible to review Undertale without mentioning this at some point.

    In conclusion, it’s always great to have more Undertale in your life and the Playstation 4 version is perfectly acceptable, but if you’re able to get the PC version, then go do it. It’s just a teensy bit better.

    Either way, you’re gonna have a good time ;)

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