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Third time’s a charm! Grab your friends for more frantic party fun!

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    The Jackbox Party Pack 3

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    Third time’s a charm! Grab your friends for more frantic party fun!

    With Jackbox Party Pack 1, they released five games that my wife, friends and I all enjoyed. When JPP2 came out, we absolutely loved it and felt it was a huge upgrade with more varied games. So when Jackbox Party Pack 3 was announced, we eagerly awaited it and gave it a run for it’s money when it was released. But how do these five new games stack up and is it worth investing in the series a third time? Absolutely.

    Like the previous two games, JPP3 is a collection of five new games, all played with phones/tablets/computers in a party setting or multiplayer environment (such as streaming or friends hanging out). The five new games are Quiplash 2, the sequel to JPP2’s Quiplash XL, Trivia Murder Party, a trivia game where you have to get questions right to survive, Guesspionage, a game about guessing percentages, Fakin’ It, a game about spotting the liar, and Tee K.O., a new drawing game. Each of these support up to 8 players (with Fakin’ It only supporting six) and like last time, it includes options for streaming as well as local multiplayer.

    The first new game is Quiplash 2, which is the sequel to JPP2’s Quiplash XL. Like Quiplash XL, the game offers you a prompt which is given to two random players with each having to fill in the blank or answer it. They then go head to head and the remaining players vote on the best answer. Each player gets two prompts per round until the final round where everyone answers the prompt. However, besides the new prompts that this game brings with it they’ve massively upgraded the game this time around. The first is the final round is not always one final prompt to answer. Rather, it can be "make the best band name with this word: ____" requiring you to use that word in your prompt or it can be a comic which you have to fill out a caption for. But the real upgrade comes from allowing you to create your own prompts and use them to play with your friends (and even players around the world). You can even share a special code with other owners of JPP3 who can use it to download your prompts and play the game with you. It adds a whole new dimension to an already fantastic game and is pretty much worth the price of admission alone, as you can now make personalized prompts about your friends or surroundings (or simply make a bunch of random funny prompts). You can even edit your prompts later if your friends dislike certain ones or don’t react the way you want them to.

    The second game is Trivia Murder Party and it’s quite interesting. Like YDKJ and Fibbage, the game is a multiple choice trivia game with a catch: if you get the answer wrong, you have to play a minigame to survive. These minigames range anywhere from answering as many math questions as you can in a set time, finding the longest word in a word search or even simply cutting off your finger so you can’t choose a certain answer. If everyone dies, the game is over. However, if one person stays alive, they can go to the final round and attempt to escape the mansion while the dead players attempt to steal the live person’s body. First person out of the mansion wins. The game is hilarious and adds a refreshing take on the trivia genre. For example, you can choose to "play a sequel" after which the game will give random subtitles and add "jr/III/IV" after players who died the previous round. While it is more trivia in a series saturated with trivia games, it’s unique perspective makes it worth checking out.

    The third game is Guesspionage and this game tasks you to guess a certain percentage based off of an internet poll (though the game makes you believe it was based on espionage and surveillance). For example, it might as you "How many people prefer to go to familiar places on first dates?" and you have to guess between 0-100%, getting more points based on how close you were to the exact percentage. Other players can also try to guess whether your answer is too low or too high to earn points themselves. However, if you’re a streamer this game offers a hugely interesting twist: should you have 5+ audience members in the game, the game will poll THEM and you’ll have to guess their percentages, which makes the game much more interesting. For example, the game might ask how many people have ridden mechanical bulls. While the real percentage might be somewhat low, your audience may try to throw you off by making the percentage close to 90% offering a new dimension to the game. While ultimately my friends and I were not as big of fans of this one as we were the other games, it’s still interesting and unique.

    The fourth game is called Fakin’ It and it’s easily our favorite in the collection. Several players are given prompts to which they have to react to depending on the chosen game. For example, players may have to raise their hand if they’re guilty of an action, hold up however many fingers as they’re guilty of the action, point at a player most guilty of an action or make a face reacting to a prompt. All of the players except for one are given the prompt to which the final player gets nothing and has to react accordingly. At the end of the round, the players have to guess who they think is the faker. If they’re correct, the players who guessed for them get points. If not, the faker gets points. This goes on for three rounds (two if you’re playing with three players) and it switches to another faker. After several rounds, it moves to the final round where the faker has to answer slightly different questions than the rest of the group (but can have similar answers) such as one person being asked what their favorite fruit is and the faker being asked for their least favorite vegetable. This game is a blast to play with friends as it’s tougher than you imagine to be sneaky, especially when you’ve got nothing. But it’s hilarious and can lead to some very awkward and funny moments. Just be forewarned as there’s some rather personal and suggestive questions (such as how many times you’ve had public sex) so be wary of playing this with people you’re not totally comfortable with.

    The last game in the collection is Tee K.O. and it’s the drawing game of this collection. However, this one is actually pretty hilarious and quite different from the previous drawing games. The round starts with everyone drawing three shirts of whatever they want. It doesn’t matter it can be a cat, your favorite book, a squirrel, Vegeta, it doesn’t matter. From there, everyone writes as many slogans as they can possibly think of. The game then shuffles everything up and sends everyone 3 shirts and several slogans and asks you to match up your favorite shirt with your favorite slogan the catch being that you don’t have control over the shirts or slogans you get. The shirts are then pitted against each other with everyone voting for their favorite. This can often lead to some hilarious results such as when my friend drew crude boobs and my wife labeled it "Frozen 2: Blue Balls". The game even lets you purchase your creations if you so desire, which is an awesome addition.

    In addition to the new games, JPP3 also introduces a cool new feature that lets you view previous game results from Quiplash, Trivia Murder Party and Tee K.O. and share them with friends (or download them if you prefer). While it’s not a must buy feature, it is pretty awesome to go back and look up some hilarious quips from a previous game or show off your t-shirt skills to friends online. The game also introduces a few minor tweaks for streamers such as being able to hide the room code (if you don’t want people messing with your stream).

    However, like JPP1 & 2, this game is still heavily multiplayer focused and like JPP2, you’ll have to bring along three people to access the good stuff. The only game you can play by yourself is Trivia Murder Party and the only other game you can play with 2 is Guesspionage so if you’re not planning on playing with a lot of people or streaming this, you may want to hold off or join someone else’s stream first. Also, like Bomb Squad and YDKJ before it, Fakin It is not suitable for streaming so if you’re not planning on playing with a bunch of friends and family, you may not get a chance to play it much.

    Trophy wise, be prepared because this game is a lot like JPP2 in that there are lots of multiplayer focused trophies that will be hard to get without help or are just difficult in general. For example, you’ll probably get easy ones like "correctly guess higher/lower on guesspionage" or "catch the faker on the first vote" but there are tough ones such as "guess within 5% of an audience’s answer" (requiring 5 audience members voting plus you have to guess accurately), "guess the exact percentage in guesspionage", "correctly guess 25 math problems in TMP within the time limit" or "get all votes in a 5+ player game" in TKO. While a lot of them can be easily gotten with help, the trophies are no laughing matter.

    All in all JBP3 is a great upgrade and while I like JPP2’s game selection a tad bit more, JPP3 offers a ton of fun as well. Quiplash 2’s support for custom games easily makes it worth the price of admission, Fakin It will make any group laugh and have a blast (though possibly after some questioning) and Tee K.O. offers a unique and fun twist on the drawing motiff explored in the previous two games. While TMP and Guesspionage are the weaker entries this time around, they’re still worth checking out. Try this game on a stream if you’re interested but it’s definitely worth a buy as long as you have people to play it with. Definitely check it out.

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