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They came from outer space!

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    Call of Duty: Ghosts – Invasion

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    They came from outer space!

    The third DLC expansion pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts is Invasion. Like the DLC packs that came before it, Invasion adds four new multiplayer maps and a new Extinction map. Invasion is slightly better than the second DLC pack, Devastation, but not by a wide margin. It’s still nothing to get excited about, but at least it won’t leave you with too overwhelming of buyer’s remorse feelings.

    The four maps in Invasion are Pharaoh, Departed, Mutiny, and Favela. The developers decided to make each map very visually distinct this time around. Pharaoh is set in an ancient Egyptian temple. Departed is set during a Day of the Dead festival. Mutiny features a classic pirate ship. Favela is straight up Favela from Modern Warfare 2 with very little tweaking.

    Previously, they remade other Modern Warfare maps and made them very different from a visual standpoint. Favela is more or less just a copy and paste job. I am absolutely fine with this. People want the old maps. They don’t need the old maps with pointless visual changes. Favela is still great and it’s the best map that they’ve remade to date for the DLC in Ghosts.

    Pharaoh is a fine map. Mutiny looks great, but it is marred by terrible campers. Camping is rampant on the Mutiny map to the point that it just becomes frustrating to ever play on it. Departed is cool and designed well, yet it is extraordinarily bright. Even when my brightness settings are turned way down, it is blinding to walk in the streets in the Departed map. This makes the map extremely annoying to play on, unfortunately.

    The new Extinction map is called Awakening. It’s not as good as "Mayday", but I’d say that it is the second best Extinction map so far. It gives players new objectives to complete, even though the core gameplay is still exactly the same and the exact same strategies are still going to be used regardless.

    A new game mode has also been added to the game, though it is unrelated to the DLC pack. I am going to talk about it here anyways because it directly relates to Extinction. The new game mode is called Chaos, and it is a version of Extinction where players battle endless waves of alien monsters while trying to get kill multipliers in order to earn perks. It’s frantic and fun, and having the new Awakening map to screw around with it is nice.

    Invasion could be better. It’s still not worth the price of admission, but it’s fine. Now hopefully they remake Estate or Terminal in the next DLC pack, and we’ll be in business!

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