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The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition – Cheats

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    • All Tochka Locations

      Tochka are special support items the Hundred Knight can use to help him progress through the game more easily. They become available during chapter 3, and have different support functions such as attacking enemies, powering up the Hundred Knight himself, or overcoming obstacles. There are a total of 9 Tochka in the game.

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Captel(aka: Capture Tochka) Near St. Dulche(Story Progression)
      Caserrio(aka: Fortress Tochka) Hekkahenne Forest(Black Chest)(Requires Jumpy Tochka to reach)
      Dekoimo(aka: Decoy Tochka) Near St. Dulche(Black Chest)
      Dialo(aka: Boomerang/Arrow Tochka) Yaptolacca Ravine(Black Chest)
      Jumpy(aka: Platform Tochka) Mt. Azbrocken(Story Progression)
      Mini-Knight Exchange 69 Anima at Metallia’s House under "Bucket List".
      Protem(aka: Tower Tochka) Elusive Realm(Black Chest)
      Time Bomb Acquired at the beginning of chapter 3.
      Wikuk(aka: Scout Tochka) South Tettara Desert(Black Chest)
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