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The ultimate melee brawl smash!

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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    The ultimate melee brawl smash!


    The long-running franchise Super Smash Bros. has received its 5th entry. it’s been a long time since we fought along 64 bit-looking Link, Mario and Pikachu, and now many other Fighters have joined the roster for the ultimate melee brawl smash in history. Pick your favorite franchises and its best representants to save the world from the bad guys.


    The game keeps its traditional gameplay style. The player chooses one character and fights against other CPU or human Fighters. The main goal is to send the enemy flying off-screen with powerful smash attacks. Even though the characters have essentially unlimited HP, damage is cumulative and the higher the damage percentage, the easier it is for them to get launched. You can do classic 1 vs 1 matches, as well as 2 vs 2, 4 player free-for-all or if you’re up for some mess, the 8-player battles from Smash for Wii U returns, without restrictions. While the main attraction of the game are the multiplayer options, there is enough content for the solo players as well. Classic Mode returns better than ever. It works as your typical ¡°arcade ladder¡± in Fighting games, and there’s a little backstory for each of the playable characters. For example, playing Classic Mode as Link gets you through a horde of villains until the final showdown against Ganon itself. This helps with the variety and completing the mode becomes much more entertaining.

    The game starts with only 8 characters unlocked, the same 8 playable characters from the original Smash 64: Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Kirby, Yoshi, Samus, and Fox. Every other one has to be unlocked. it’s not even slight hard though. The game literally throws you a bonus fight every 5 minutes of gameplay, and beating the bonus Challenger will unlock them. You can do this simply by playing casual multiplayer matches, single player Classic Mode, or even World of Light, the game’s Story Mode.


    Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out in 2008 with a very large Story Mode called the Subspace Emmisary. Even though World of Light is very lenghty, it’s not on the same scope. It is a big 2D-looking world map in which you travel and fight against enemies called Spirits. Those are the spirits of hundreds of beings from many, many different franchises which had their spirit ¡°stolen¡± and they now control evil clones created by the game’s villain. Playing through World of Light means you’ll get to fight in many themed battles (over 600 to be exact), each one with its own little twist. The enemies are always one of the playable characters but with a Spirit that grants them different abilities. Nintendo went out of their way to try and create many thrilling scenarios, but once you realize the majority of the fights are two easy and quick, the mode starts to feel like a drag because of how long it is. You can unlock every playable character in the game playing through this mode, as well as collect over 1300 different Spirits, which you can equip up to 4 (1 primary, 3 secondary) on your character to make it more powerful. You can take this team of Spirits and play through other modes outside World of Light, including multiplayer battles.


    As a game, Smash Bros. Ultimate is packed with contente. There are over 70 playable characters, 1300 Spirits to collect, 100 Stages and more than 800 music tracks to listen to. Speaking of music, you can customize which songs you want to liste non which stages. Even though there’s a good variety of modes, some staples have been removed, like the Break the Targets and Home-Run minigames, as well as the classic All-Star Mode (still present, but watered down). Those omissions are bad, but don’t take away too much from your enjoyment of the game. From a gameplay perspective, it is the best yet, and there’s enough to do here to keep you busy for a very long time.

    – Lots of contents;
    – Large roster;
    – Classic Mode is very fun to play through.

    – World of Light overstays its welcome;
    – Some modes were taken away from the game;
    – Collectible character trophies were removed from the game in favor of Spirits.

    FINAL RATING: 8/10

    Rating:   4.0 – Great

    Product Release: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (US, 12/07/18)

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