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The Spider-man Game We’ve Been Waiting For

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    Marvel’s Spider-Man

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    The Spider-man Game We’ve Been Waiting For

    Spiderman has always been my favorite Marvel superhero. From his humor, strength and intelligence, I have been able to relate to him on a personal level. The first time I saw Insomniac Games Marvel’s Spider-man, I was excited. Seeing Spiderman swinging across New York City and fighting crime in looked amazing. The trailers were great that I went out after Sony’s E3 Conference and pre-ordered the game. On release date, I was psyched when I went and picked up the game and I can proudly say it is one of the best superhero games and open world games created.


    The story is a well written story that keeps the action and anticipation throughout the plot. It does a good job of showing the different challenges Peter Parker faces with his personal and hero life. He works with Dr. Otto where they tried and come up with equipment that will help people with diseases, but they keep failing. Aunt May works at a homeless shelter called F.E.A.S.T which is ran by the philanthropist Martin Li and Peter volunteers at the shelter when he isn’t working or being Spiderman. Peter finds himself homeless because he is evicted from his apartment and sleeps on Aunt May’s couch in her office. Peter also deals with the awkward relationship with his ex-girlfriend Mary Jane Watson. He has a lot on his plate and that is just his ¡°normal life¡±!

    Peter also gets help from his allies. Yuri Watanabe, Mary Jane Watson, Aunt May and Miles Morales help Spiderman achieve his goal of keeping New York safe. The story shows the different types of relationships Peter has with each of his allies. For example, when Peter meets MJ (Mary Jane) in the earlier parts of the game, he is very protective of her and doesn’t want her getting near the thugs. However, in the later parts of the game, Peter gives MJ a gadget that helps her sneak around thugs and he isn’t as protective of her because she has proven to him that she can protect herself. You will also see Miles Morales mature in the story. After his father is killed, Morales goes into a severe depression. Peter suggests to his mother that Morales volunteer at F.E.A.S.T. Volunteering helps Morales get through his depression but the one event that helps Morales more was when he met Spiderman. Morales was trying to help this man that was being jumped by prisoners and he got their attention by yelling at them. Right as the prisoners are about to attack Morales, Spiderman swings out of nowhere and defeats the thugs. After Spiderman saves Morales, Spiderman gives him a brief lesson in fighting techniques than swings away. Morales was so excited that he met Spiderman that he called his friends after he met him.


    The gameplay in Marvel’s Spider-man is amazing. New York is huge and has a lot of secrets within it. Swinging around the city as Spiderman made me feel like Spiderman. I hardly ever used the fast traveling system because swinging around the city, doing flips and tricks in the air was fun. It was awesome to climb onto the top of the Empire State building and just look over New York knowing that I kept the city safe.

    The combat is quick, brutal and satisfying. If you are a veteran of Spiderman 2 and the Arkham Series, the combat will feel familiar, but Insomniac put their own spin on it. There is a combo system just like the Arkham Series as well as special finishers when your focus bar is filled to a certain requirement. You gain focus when you land successful blows on your enemies. You can also use gadgets in combat when you get further along in the game. I personally loved using the web bombs and impact webs when I felt like I was being overwhelmed by the enemies. It felt so satisfying shooting an impact web and sticking an enemy to a wall. While you are fighting, Spiderman can also interact with the environment. You can pick up objects lying around the room where you can pick up and throw at enemies. For example, when I was being overwhelmed by 10 enemies, I picked up a barrel and swung it around knocking all of them down and then threw it at an enemy while he was on the ground. You can also knock down scaffolds, chandeliers and other objects that hang on the ceiling that can give you an advantage in combat.

    There are also some brief stealth sections that feature MJ and Miles. These sections involve you not trying to get caught as you move to your objective. I liked these sections when they were introduced but they seem unnecessary and kind of dumb when I got to the later parts of the game. I rolled my eyes when I was forced to do another stealth mission near the end of the story but at least Insomniac changed that mission to make it a bit more enjoyable.

    Spiderman has a few stealth moves that he can do himself, but they are optional. For example, if you attack an enemy base, you can sneak above enemies and tied them to beams or you can use your gadgets to stick the enemies to walls. I use Spiderman’s stealth moves when I knew that I was going into a difficult fight and I wanted to give myself the advantage.

    There is a skill tree that is used to upgrade Spiderman’s abilities throughout the game. After you level up, you gain a skill point which can be put into 3 different skill trees. You can choose which skill tree you want to prioritize depending on your playstyle. I personally put my skill points into the combat tree because I wanted more defense and health when I took on enemies.

    There are some side missions that you can partake in throughout the game. Some of them are fun and some of them felt kind of dumb. However, after you complete each side mission, you earn tokens that can be used to craft different suits for Spiderman and they can be used for upgrades for your gadgets. There are random crimes that pop up in each of the districts that you can stop. They are exactly like the crimes that would pop up in Arkham Origins, but Insomniac has their own spin on these missions.

    There are some puzzle sections that you must complete to advance the main story. These are just quick scientific puzzles where you just piece together spectrographs. Again, you must at least do some of these puzzles for the main story but most of them are optional.


    Marvel’s Spider-man is gorgeous. DO NOT believe the people saying that this game had a graphical downgrade. The game is beautiful and extremely detailed. When swinging around the city, you can see where Spiderman’s web is sticking on the building.

    The animations are amazing and bring a sense of realism to the game. For example, when Peter was pouring his feelings out to Aunt May, you could see the pain in his face and I could feel the sadness that he was portraying through his animation. The suits are extremely detailed. My favorite suit that I wore was the Iron Spidersuit that Tony Stark made for Peter. The suit looks amazing at night because Spiderman’s eyes glow in the dark.


    The soundtrack has some catching themes in the game. My favorite soundtracks are the main title theme, the theme that is played while you are completing the spectrographs and while you are swinging around New York City. The music helps create and maintain an atmosphere while you are playing. For example, at the final boss, I can hear the music getting louder and more triumph as I was going in for the final blow.


    Marvel’s Spider-man is one of the best superhero games to date. The only flaws I could find in the game were the controls felt kind of clunky especially when I was swinging between to close buildings. Also, one of the side missions was kind of dumb where I was just going around collecting pigeons. Even Spiderman felt that the mission was kind of dumb. Though, I feel like I’m being petty pointing out those as flaws because the rest of the game is fantastic. It is like the Arkham Series and Spiderman 2 had a child together. There is a lot of content for you to enjoy and I personally put about 40 hours into it trying to 100% the game. If you enjoy open-world games or superhero games this game is for you. Go out and buy it now if you have a PS4 and this is not in your library. This game justifies the $60 price.



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