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The return of an old classic.

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    Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    The return of an old classic.

    If you asked which franchises that changed the videogame industry, Pacman would most likely be one of the answers. Released Back in 1980 to the arcade, it became an enormous sucess due to his original and addicting gameplay. Nowadays you don’t hear much about it, but for every game out there, this was a game that everyone had at least played once in their life. Now being released on the PS4, one more console to add the endless that it is available on, is it worth to buy such classic after such a long time?

    Story: N/D

    There is none here, you just focus on gobbling pellets and reach the furthest you can.


    The bread and butter of this game, and the reason why it got so popular. You control a creature inside of a maze and your objective is to eat all the pellets inside of it to progress. To do that, you need to avoid the existing ghosts as much as you can, the more time you spend on a level the harder it gets. The game is not easy at all for a newcomer, the IA ghosts is quite good and often you will find yourself often cornered. There are some special pellets that makes the ghosts edible that brings them to their strarting point if you eat them, never use them too soon or you might get into trouble easy.

    It can be terrible addicting if you’re doing well, as the more levels you progress, the faster and smarter the ghosts get, However sometimes the control seem unresponsive and you don’t move the direction you want, which might cause some frustrating deaths, a shame to find it here, but notihng too game breaking fortunately.

    Graphics: 5/10

    The game definitely looks ancient for the current time, however it still has some charm in it, pacman and the ghosts look cute, and the maze is fine, albeit perhaps they could had put some extra colours for every new level you reach, to make it more appealing, Nothing too impressive here

    Sound: 6.5/10

    There is not much to say here, but what it has sounds nice, the tune before you start a level is quite catchy as for the rest does its job fine.

    Replayabilty: 5/10

    These type of older game normaly don’t really have much of an ending, your objective is to reach the furthest you can and obtain the best score. In 20 minutes you can see and feel how it plays, so depending how you like the game, it might be few more sessions or only one. The game however supports a trophy list with an easy Plat in it, so for all the trophy hunters there might be a couple of hours more into it.

    Overall: 6/10

    The game is still fun to play and is great for short gaming sessions. However the age is noticeable, and you can play it literally everywhere, not only that but Bandai also released Pacman Championship 2 before this, which has much more content and options, Unless you are feeling very nostalgic about the original one, there is virtually no reason to grab this version.

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