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The Phenom in Phenomenal!

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    Kingdom Hearts III

    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless

    The Phenom in Phenomenal!

    Hi everyone! Supercodebreak here with a very rare review for you all! I usually don’t do many reviews but this game has been in the making such a long time, I just had to. The end result of the wait, if you didn’t notice my score is nothing but Phenomenal! If you want to hear a bit more read on. I am going to keep it as short and sweet as possible. This is because I can’t literally put the controller down and neither should you! You guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, get this game right now!


    The game runs at 60FPS and man does it look awesome! Sora looks incredible and has tons of awesome key blades at his disposal. Sora and all the characters are so fluid with tons of animations in and out of the combat. The combat itself, is my favorite part of just about any videogame, is a bottom border to none! At 60 FPS it looks amazing! I just absolutely can’t get enough of it.

    The games HUD (heads up display) changes with each different key blade sora uses. This means that our amazing developers at Square-Enix put in the extra hand-crafted effort. Everyone wants hand-crafted effort these days, it shows how much a company cares about its fans! We as kingdom hearts fanatics will appreciate the little details such as this. The spells, the clashing animations when the Keyblade hits targets, the fluidity of the characters helping Sora in combat, it just fits Masterpiece! I love it and can’t get enough of the look of this game and of course its many oh, very many gorgeous environments.

    Players should be pleased with the art style and graphics across the board, the only gripe a select nay-saying few may have is that it is still Kingdom Hearts at its heart. You won’t find realistic graphics here like in a game such as Skyrim or Dark Souls, but those that love the color, that love joy and have a heart themselves will appreciate the wonder of Disney and SquareEnix art brought together into one mega phenom of a game!


    As I stated at the start of this review, the game is just amazing! We have so many options, ways to play, side-quests to do and more. The combat itself is excellent and there are so many ways to get creative that you will be having fun for hours, days, weeks, months and maybe even years for those true fans to the core. The menus are also top-notch and we can even play exciting mini-games. Sora can change Keyblades which changes his commands, we can have our allies assist us in battle, and wow there is so very much to discover in this game, that yes you will need a Strategy Guide! I wish I could actually make one for everyone, but this time the game is just for me. That’s how impressed I am with everything and I mean everything Kingdom Hearts 3 has to offer.

    Music and Sound

    From the keyblade smacking into the heads of the heartless to the amazing voice acting. To the wondrous sound effects walking through gorgeous environments and music that is so excellent I have it on autoplay with the extended versions on my youtube video playlist while I write this guide. In short, it is wonderful, I personally have no complaints and I can get down to nit-pick tons of games. I usually bash a game and give you ladies and gentlemen the 100% truth, but I can’t express how the music immerses you into the world of Kingdom Hearts 3. It is almost like being a kid all over again, its gorgeous, creative, and awe-inspiring.


    Buy it, and I mean right now. I wouldn’t steer my readers wrong this is an excellent title and probably the absolute Game of the Year! Heck, I might be changing my list and this could be the GOAT (greatest of all time). That is up to the future, as I still have plenty to do in finishing this game. Once again I suggest everyone buy this title. I give it a 5/5 on GameFAQs.com but I would give it an 11/10 if I could (my heart would love to!) I don’t know what you are waiting for at this point. Buy it digitally, head to your Gamestop now, do what you got to, but never miss a true experience like this. They don’t come often in gaming these days anymore, your heart counts on it. Thanks for reading, I love you all and thanks for that support, I mean it!

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