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The night falls hard.

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    Aragami: Nightfall

    Rating: 2.5 – Playable

    The night falls hard.

    When you were playing Aragami, did you ever wonder about the events that occurred before Yamiko summoned her vengeful shadow assassin to do her bidding? Yeah, me neither. But, here we are. Lince Works has released DLC consisting of four chapters depicting the events of the Nisshoku army’s struggle and the Kaiho army’s slow rise to power. Was this necessary? Personally, I don’t think so. I can only think of two reasons for spending your $9.99 on this DLC, but I’ll get to that near the end of the review.

    The game begins with two members of the Nisshoku army, Hyo and Shinobu, lamenting due to their army being reduced to nothing and due to their leader being imprisoned by the Kaiho. Hyo and Shinobu are the only ones that can invade the Kaiho army’s strongholds and free their leader. Hyo was mentioned a few times during Aragami’s main campaign. He served as adviser to the Shadow Empress and dedicates his entire existence to her and her people. Shinobu looks at Hyo the way Hyo looks at Nisshoku’s leader: she has unquestionable loyalty to Hyo. She will follow him to the ends of the earth. Hyo and Shinobu sound like they could have added more layers to Aragami’s setting. However, most of the dialogue consists of Hyo insisting on saving their leader and Shinobu complaining about their mission being too difficult. There really isn’t development for these two and it makes it hard to cheer for them. However, there are some interesting moments. There are scenes showing Sora and Hikaru, two of the more intriguing characters from the main campaign. To Nightfall’s credit, the last scene does kind of tug at some emotions that really help set the stage for the main campaign. But, at the same time, it feels rushed since there are only four chapters.

    These four chapters let you play as either Hyo or Shinobu as they try to uncover the whereabouts of their leader. Hyo and Shinobu play the exact same. Both agents play like Aragami’s titular hero but with less options at their disposal. Hyo and Shinobu will need to traverse dangerous, enemy filled areas. All of these areas have bright lights produced by torches, campfires, or magic. However, the brightest light casts the darkest shadow; this is where the Nishoku’s abilities come into play. With the push of a button, they can warp from shadow to shadow. It doesn’t matter where or the size: if there is a shadow, then they can warp to it. Walking and running can make noise to alert enemies. Walking while crouching is quieter, but it’s not efficient. This is why it’s important to always stay in the shadows. Bright lights will drain their abilities of shadow warping.

    Sneaking behind an enemy and hitting the square button will perform a stealth kill. These kills are good for quick and easy deaths, but the problem is that they leave a corpse for other’s to see. Holding the square button performs a shadow kill that leaves nothing but a few bits of blood. There are plenty of enemies throughout the stages that are just begging to be killed. However, the enemy AI is much more cunning than they look. The moment they think something is amiss they will alert the entire area. It’s important to think about other foes before landing a stealth kill. In this DLC, there is an abundance of enemies. Some of the stages have upwards of 80 enemies per stage. One thing to help even the odds are Hyo’s and Shinobu’s shadow ninjutsu. They can become invisible for a few seconds, toss smoke bombs, throw explosive kunai, or summon the other agent to perform a kill at a distance. Shrines scattered throughout the stage can refill these abilities. The Nightfall stages are well designed, but as mentioned, the abundance of enemies really becomes a problem. Their abundance causes each area to out stay their welcome. Like Aragami, Hyo and Shinobu will get killed with one hit of a Kaiho members’ weapon.

    But, despite each stage being full of hazards and enemies, Nightfall doesn’t take long to finish. There are collectibles to find in the form of katanas from fallen comrades, but they don’t serve any purpose other than unlocking a trophy. Which, brings me to the first reason why someone might be inclined to pick up this DLC. Nightfall has new trophies for you to collect, including a tedious Oni medal trophy. The other reason why you might be interested in getting this DLC is because you want more from Aragami. Personally, I thought the main campaign wrapped up nicely. Other than a cash grab, this DLC doesn’t serve a purpose or add anything of value to Aragami. Finishing it doesn’t unlock anything for the main campaign, either. All you get is insight on the events that occur before the Aragami is summoned. Said events could have been told in a different manner.

    Overall, 5/10: Aragami Nightfall isn’t worth the time unless you want to earn 100% completion or you really can’t get enough of Aragami’s game play.

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